Xbox Bethesda showcase is set on June 12

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Xbox Bethesda showcase is set on June 12 and more tech news:

Loot boxes and game publishers could soon be in for more scrutiny from the EU.   Source: Android Police

Apple’s AR & VR headset is not expected at WWDC, launch in 2023 instead.   Source: AppleInsider
Samsung Electronics is expected to achieve sales of $62.7 Billion and an operating profit of $12.2 Billion in Q2 2022.   Source: Anthony on Twitter
Toys for Bob could be working on a new Crash Bandicoot game, it’s been claimed.   Source: VGC
Homebrew project adds continuous glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch.   Source: AppleInsider

Nvidia RTX 40 series release schedule from

RTX 4090: October release –

RTX 4080: November release –
RTX 4070: December release –
RTX 4060: CES 2023     Source: Anthony on Twitter
Acer Nitro 5 AN515-58: QHD gaming notebook with room for three drives.   Source: NoteBookCheck
Apple Sees Virtual-Reality Headset as Its Next Big Thing.   Source: The New York Times
Razer collection is all sold out on If you did not manage to cop your piece, head on to and you might just get lucky!   Source: R Λ Z Ξ R on Twitter
The first Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile screenshots have appeared online.   Source: VGC
PlayStation exclusives Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales coming to the PC with keyboard-mouse input and ray-tracing support.   Source: NoteBookCheck

Sega producer says high costs are preventing a Dreamcast or Saturn mini console.   Source: VGC

Silent Hill 2 and Bloober Team could actually be a scarily great match.   Source: TechRadar

Mac mini ‘tower,’ M2 Mac mini listed by B&H before WWDC.   Source: AppleInsider

Fortnite’s new season has a rollercoaster, Darth Vader, and vibes.   Source: The Verge

Maxing out a Diablo Immortal character could reportedly cost ‘up to $110,000’.   Source: VGC

IKEA SYMFONISK wireless charging shelf for Wi-Fi Sonos speaker revealed.   Source: NoteBookCheck


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