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Do you know what happened a few days ago? Yes, that’s right Apple’s WWDC 2022! Here’s everything that happened at the event. But first, let me inform the people who somehow don’t know about the WWDC.

It is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, in which Apple informs the public about its upcoming software and sometimes its hardware products. It is held every year usually at Apple Park which is in California.

And it is quite important, as apple’s products are very popular in the market and I would say that it affects the overall competition. Because the other companies in this market have to come up with something that is competing for head to head with Apple’s products. It kind of shapes the whole tech year.

IOS 16:

WWDC 2022

Everyone saw this coming. There were a lot of rumors regarding the new IOS 16. So, let’s put the rumors to rest. At the event, Apple announced that they have new lock personalization features like new widgets and customization in old widgets.

This means that the lock screen rumor was true. The Fitness app in the new OS will also work as a standard fitness app, so there is no need for an Apple watch to use this app. The software will have web push notifications in the coming year.

It will also be some updates on the keyboard like haptics for typing vibration. It will also allow the user to lock hidden as well as recently deleted photo albums.

IOS 16 has also brought some improvements in Siri. Siri will now be able to hang up calls. Also, you can ask Siri to add emojis to your text and Siri will just do that. You will also be able to ask Siri about some queries in the Voicemail, intercom, and apple’s Homekit and that can also be done offline in the OS.

Another good step from Apple is that they have now added a Safety check which will help its user if they are involved in an Abusive Relationship. Apple Face id is also improved and this improvement will allow you to unlock your iPhone while in Landscape mode.

This is very helpful in some situations when your phone is placed in landscape mode and you can’t touch or move your phone to unlock it. Google’s Two-factor authentication has become very popular. Now Apple has added support for Third-party two-factor authentications. Which will keep your passwords even more secure.

Some interface changes in the latest OS are:

  • A much cleaner interface for its dictation system
  • Redesign of Apple’s Books App.
  • Facetime Video call UI
  • Redesigned Video Player
  • Deeper dark sky addition in the weather app.
  • Cleaner iCloud settings
  • Redesigned Text and Editing menu
  • New Airpods Symbol in the control center
  • The voice messaging feature in iMessage is also redesigned

Do you guys remember the full-screen music player on the lock screen which was in IOS 10? Well, Apple has announced to bring that feature back in its latest Operating system. In messages, Apple has added some new features, including the feature in which you will be able unsend or edit a sent imessage for up to 15 min.

Duplicate files were one of the big problems in the previous OS, as they took a lot of space in your cloud storage and phones’ internal storage. Well, Apple has fixed that in the new iOS 16, by making it easy for you to delete a duplicate photo and easily fox duplicate contacts.

Some other features of IOS 16 are:

  • Built-in currency converter
  • Easily manageable Airpods settings
  • Show wifi password feature
  • Automatically install small security fixes without updating the whole OS
  • Easily share photos with friends and family
  • Apple Music playlist sorting.

The first beta version of this OS was released on June 6th which was the date of the event. But that was for developers. The first beta version for the public is set to release somewhere in July. So, we are waiting to test that out.

iPadOS 16:(WWDC 2022)

WWDC 2022

The iPadOS 16 got a lot of new updates, some of which are the same as IOS 16. Like a new lock screen, weather app, and iCloud Shared Photo Library.

But, there are some other features. As we all know that Apple wants its iPad to be similar to its Macbook. And that’s why they have enhanced the Multitasking feature in the iPad. There are focus modes with different filters like on iPhone.

Apple has improved the Files App and Undo/Redo of the whole software system. And the files app has got a very big change. Some of the features in the iPadOS 16 are exclusively for the M1 chip iPads. Features like Virtual memory swap which will expand the amount of memory of all iPads, and External Display Support, which will improve multi-tasking and you’ll be able to run 8 apps at a time between both.

There are also changes to Safari in iPadOS 16, which includes the Passkeys feature which makes it easy and more safe sign-in method. There are also going to be new customization options on Safari. Apple has also added Shared Tab Groups in their browser.

macOS Ventura: (WWDC 2022)

WWDC 2022

Apple has also announced to release of macOS Ventura. Which is the latest version of their macOS. It comes with a lot of new features and improvements to old features. New features like clock app, weather app, Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, and Handoff.

Stage Manager will allow you to work on one app without having any distraction by keeping all of the other unused apps arranged on the side. The Continuity Camera feature will let use your iPhone as a webcam for your mac while starting a video call. And HandOff will give you the ability to shift your Facetime call from the device you are currently using to the other.

The macOS Ventura also has some features that are similar to IOS 16 and iPadOS 16. You will also get the option to edit or undo a message that was recently sent by you. iCloud Shared Photo library is also added in the Ventura. In Safari, Apple has added PassKey for a much more easy and more secure sign-in method.

If we talk about the Mail App, there will be features like Undo Send, which as the name suggests will let you undo a sent mail, but that could be done just a few moments later. You can also schedule emails, which will be sent at the added time.

There will also be some changes in the interface of the system and apps. Like the System Settings App, About The Mac Window, and Game Controller Menu in the System settings are redesigned.

The first Beta version of this OS has been released but that is for the developers that are registered. The public version of this Software will be released later and the official is set for this fall. The macOS Ventura will not only work on the current macs but also the macs 2017 and forward.

WatchOS 9: (WWDC 2022)

WWDC 2022

Apple has also discussed its WatchOS 9. First of all, as we all expected apple to add new watch faces, they have done that. There are also improvements in physical and mental health, like improvements in the fitness app by adding a new feature for runners, features like racing against your own ghost and making new records. There will also be some improvements in the swimming section.

And in mental health, more in-depth tracking will be performed by the Apple Watch, thanks to the new OS. The smartwatch will now be able to determine in which sleeping stage you are. And now the watch will also keep a record of your medications and how many vitamins and proteins you have consumed.

Apple has done some interface changes to the watch, like redesigning the notification section and redesigning Dock features apps. Although, the new watchOS 9 will work on Apple Watch Series 4 and forward, Apple has actually added support for its Watch Series 3. The beta version for developers has already been dropped and the public beta version will launch next month. But, the complete OS is set to launch this fall.

Others:(WWDC 2022)

WWDC 2022

With all of these updates, Apple has also announced their M2 chip with features and improvements like:

  • They have released their M2 chip for MacBooks.
  • The new chip is 18 percent in CPU, 35 percent in GPU, and 40% in neural faster than the previous M1 chip.
  • The new chip will have an LPDDR5 unified memory of up to 25Gb.
  • The M2 chip is said to be more powerful yet less power-consuming.
  • Performance-wise, the new chip has 87% peak performance with a laptop 12-core chip and only uses just 1/4 of the power.
  • The chip will also have some improvements in security, and media engine.

With the MacBook, Apple has done a lot of redesigning. They have done that with Macbook Air by adding a notch and adding new colors in the lineup. The new features include:

  • a 13.6-inch display
  • up to 500 nits of brightness
  • MagSafe connecter
  • two Thunderbolt ports
  • four speakers
  • a headphone jack
  • and it weighs around 2.7 pounds and is 11.3mm thick.

This laptop will have the new M2 Chip. You will be able to get this laptop for 1199 USD, but if you want to buy the old MacBook air, then you get that for 999 USD. Apple has also updated the 13-inch Macbook pro with its latest M2 Chip.

So, what do you think about these new updates and new features? Are they the same as you expected them to be? I think Apple has done nice work with its products. The event confirmed a lot of the previous rumors and denied some of them. Well, all I care about is that now you know about WWDC 2022. Hopefully, now your questions are solved and I will catch you guys soon.


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