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After seeing this article’s title “Top 10 Most Expensive Earbuds”, you must wonder how expensive a pair of headphones can be. Indeed they are just a few hundred dollars. But you’re mistaken, my friend. There are headphones out there that are super expensive, you won’t even believe me.

And whether you want to buy some of these headphones or you are just here to find out how expensive they can get and why is the price kept at this rate.

In any of these cases, I am here to answer that question. And also before you go into the comments section and say that some of these are not earbuds.

I know it is because there aren’t that many companies making super-expensive earbuds. That’s why there are earbuds, headphones, and IEMs on this list. So, let’s start also I have written these products in ascending order.

Are expensive earbuds worth the money?

It depends on your personal preferences and needs. Expensive earbuds often offer superior sound quality and advanced features, but they may not be necessary for everyone. It’s important to consider factors like your budget, intended use and desired sound quality when choosing earbuds.

What features do expensive earbuds typically offer?

Expensive earbuds may offer features like noise-cancellation, wireless connectivity, customizable sound profiles, and high-quality materials and construction.

Can expensive earbuds be repaired?

Many expensive earbuds can be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage and the manufacturer’s policies. However, repair costs can be high, so it’s important to consider the potential for repairs when investing in expensive earbuds.

Sennheiser HD 800 S – $1799:


So, we will start with some excellent and probably well-priced headphones. These are HD 800 S by Sennheiser. Sennheiser is one of the best headphones brands out there.

According to Lily Katz from SoundGuys, “Sennheiser headphones are reliable and consistently perform above their price bracket when compared”.

The HD 800S are one of the premium set of headphones by Sennheiser. These have microfiber ear and headband padding so you remain comfortable while listening to your favorite music.

They also have strong built quality, as the components are made from premium matte black metal. Its acoustic absorber system helps in giving you high-quality and un-interepted sound.

Its specs consist of the following:

  • Frequency response of 4 Hz – 51000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level or SPL of 102dB
  • The impedance of 300 Omega
  • THD is lesser than 0.02%
  • The cable length is 3m
  • The weight is kept at 330g.
  • Ear coupling is circumaural and the Magnetic field is 10.5mT.

Audeze LCD-3 – $1945:

Audeze LCD-3

Next up we have LCD-3 by Audeze. These headphones have been given some very positive reviews, No dynamic headphones at any price comes close to the LCD-3’s sound says CNET, In design, build, and performance, they’re the epitome of high-end. says Forbes, “They are an addition to the finest pieces in your home stereo arsenal with equal quality and technological advancements.

Very highly recommended says Audiophile, and The Audeze LCD-3s created the best head-fi listening experience I have yet had says SoundStage!.

I would say that the price point of LCD-3 is worth it. The design of the LCD-3 isn’t that different from the previous headphones of this series.

These headphones have been designed very carefully and are well-structured. The color of the wood rings of LCD-3 is slightly different than LCD-2.

If we talk about the listening experience, these headphones have maintained the name of their predecessors and give you a very warm and exceptional listening experience.

The specification of LCD-3 are:

  • The weight is kept at 635g, which is pretty heavy compared to other basic headphones
  • The Impedance is at 110 ohms
  • frequency response is between 10Hz-50Hz
  • THD is lesser than 0.1%.
  • The transducer size is kept at 106mm
  • The diaphragm type is ultra-thin and the magnet type is Neodymium
  • And the transducer type is Planar Magnetic

Ultimate Ears Live – $2199:

Ultimate Ears LIVE

Again, I think these earphones are also well-priced, as the manufacturer, Ultimate Ears or UE is a well-known custom earphone and speaker manufacturer.

And for these earphones the manufacturer themself say these headphones are specifically “Made for discerning professionals who need a perfect balance of detail and musicality.” These earphones have amazing noise canceling, which gives you a well-isolated listening experience.

Not only that, but the SuperBax cables with these earphones are water and sweatproof so that you can use them without any worries.

You also get to choose, whether you want a round case or a square case. If you want something engraved on your case then you also have the option to do that.

The manufacturers also give you a feature of custom ear measurements, which means that you can provide your 3D digital ear scans to the manufacturers and they will make the earphones a perfect fit for your ears.

You have the option to choose from the following colors:

  • Clear
  • Jet Black
  • Translucent Jet Black
  • Translucent Lucky Red
  • Royal Blue Translucent
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Wood
  • And my personal favorite, Carbon Fiber.

The Tech Specs are:

  • 6 balanced armatures
  • 1 True Tone Plus driver
  • 6mm neodymium dyanmic speaker
  • The frequency response is between 5Hz – 22KHz
  • The Impedance is 10 Ohms @ 1KHz
  • Input sensitivity is kept at 1mW
  • and Noise Isolation is at -26 decibels of ambient stage noise.

Vision Ears 8 Universal Signature Design – $2,420:

VE 8 Universal Signature Design

Visions Ear is a well-known manufacturer, with expertise in making custom headphones. These headphones have a hand-crafted design.

They even have multiple designs in each of their model series. Like in VE8, they have VE 8 Custom-in-ear, VE 8 Universal – Signature design, and VE 8 Universal – Custom Design.

These are their VE 8 Universal Signature Design In-Ear Monitors. These pairs have an amazing signature design. These headphones have a universal shell, which makes sure that you are comfortable while listening to your favorite music.

Now, I think that the price of these headphones might sound a lot to a normal listener, but for those who love to customize their devices and don’t even care about the price, these might be the ones for them.

And the sound quality is also top-notch. It has a wide sound stage and a balanced sound signature. The specs for these pairs are:

  • 3-way system
  • 8 drivers
  • 2 bass drivers, 2 mid, and 4 high drivers
  • The sensitivity is set at 120db SPL at 1 mW
  • And the impedance is 22ohms at 1KHz

Empire Ears Odin Custom – $3,599:

Empire Ears Odin Custom

This is Odin Custom by Empire Ears. Empire Ears is the manufacturer of premium in-ear monitors, custom or universal. Their products have been given awards for being the most unique and premium.

Even Odin Custom has gotten some wonderful reviews from professionals. “The Odin can do almost everything. It has a vast potential for dynamic range reproduction like no other IEM can. The clarity and resolution are unmatched and makes for one of the best IEMs Empire Ears have released yet.” says Alex Schiffer,, “ODIN is a technical marvel, with its tribrid design, and it never skips a beat in its coherency.

There is an immense amount of transparency, layering, and detail throughout the entire spectrum. The sub-bass is rumbly and yet still has a snap in the mid-bass.

The treble has a natural decay hearing cymbals crashing with the highest level of realism I have encountered.” says Troy Pfiefer,, “The Odin is definitely one of the very best monitors money can buy right now. And it clearly was the best universal IEM that made its way to me this year. There‘s no doubt it deserves to be crowned Best Universal IEM of 2020.” says Linus –

The look is fabulous, you know why? Because of Bifröst. Bifröst is an absolute masterpiece of a faceplate, which displays the rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard, from Norse Mythology.

It sounds amazing thanks to Empire Ears Weapon 9, BA Drivers, and EST Drivers. What more do you want? Oh… I know! A more than good cable, as IEMs are incomplete without a cable that lasts a while.

And that’s why Empire Ears has collaborated with PWAudio and PENTACONN from Japan, to give you the best cable possible.

Now let me tell you about some technical specs:

  • 11 Proprietary Drivers, Tribrid Design
  • 2 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofers – Sub-Bass, Bass
  • 5 Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers – 2 Low-Mid, 2 Mid, 1 Mid-High
  • 4 Premium Electrostatic Drivers – 2 High, 2 Super-High
  • 7-Way synX Crossover Network
  • EIVEC – Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control Technology
  • A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology
  • Impedance: 3 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 100kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Bespoke Stormbreaker UPOCC Copper Litz Cable, Quad Conductor Dual Guage Design

Prestige Custom Katana – $3,999:

Prestige Custom Katana

Now if you ask me which one of these devices is your favorite, then I would definitely say The Katana. I mean look at this. It is so elegant, the finish is at its finest. And another thing is that the design is completely customizable.

Whatever you like, you can have it. Whether it is something from the Galaxy or from the earth, you name it. And also each of the devices from Noble is handcrafted from solid material. You can send them your ear impressions and they will craft accordingly.

Some of the Specs are:

  • 9 BA drivers on each side
  • Lower than about 30ohms of Impedance
  • The sensitivity is kept high
*keep in mind that these specs are not from manufacturers, as there are no technical specs provided on the original website.

Diana TC by ABYSS – Premium Audiophile Headphone – $4,495:

Diana TC by ABYSS – Premium Audiophile Headphone

$4,495 for a piece of Over-ear headphones, with that much money you can get a maxed-off 16-inch MacBook Pro and would still have some money left. So, are these headphones worth the money? Let’s find out.

These are DIANA TC by ABYSS. The company is mostly known for its high-end luxury headphones. The Diana TC uses the same technology from ABYSS AB – 1266 Phi TC but takes it to the next level. It is very compact and lightweight.

It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so you know that it isn’t going to break easily. It has a European leather headband with a super soft Alcantara, and some really nice Polymer finish, that gives it a very sporty look.

The EMotion headband automatically adjusts to your head, making sure that you are comfortable while listening to your favorite music.

It comes in 2 colors Titanium Gray and Drak Bronze. They also provide you with a leather accent carry case, you don’t any problems while traveling. Another perk of paying this much is that you can choose which connecter and cable you want. The connector options provided are:

  • 2.5 mm balanced plug
  • 4 pin XLR (for high-performance desktop amp)
  • 4.4 mm plug (Pentaconn)
  • 6.3 mm/ 1/4″ stereo plug

And the cable options are:

  • Standard 1.5 m default stock length
  • Standard 2.0 m (Desktop)
  • Standard 2.5 m
  • Standard 3.0 m
  • Complete 6FT(1.8 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable  
  • Complete 8FT (2.4 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable
  • Complete 10 FT (3.0 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable
  • Complete 14 FT (4.2 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable
  • Complete 4 FT (1.2 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable (short)
  • Complete 12 FT (3.6 m) Superconductor HP upgrade cable

Some of its technical Specifications are:

  • Sensitivity 90 dB/mW
  • Impedance 69 ohms nominal
  • Weight 390 grams
  • Large 63 mm patented TC planar drivers

Thummim – $4,499:

THUMMIM by Metal Magic Research

And now we are in the Top 3. And guess who made it in this category? THUMMIM by Metal Magic Research. The THUMMIM is an IEM by Metal Magic Research.

These IEMs are very well crafted and have a very distinct look from all of the other products out there. It has a very edge and kind of sharp sides, which gives it a very unique look and makes the public more intrigued about buying it.

Metal Magic Research or most commonly known as MMR, has given these IEMs a very rich and in-depth sound, that might be difficult to see in other IEMs.

If we talk about the cable, then MMR has Partnered with Eletech cables to provide you with a flawless connection, The cables option available are:

  • 2.5mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4.4mm

Technical specs are as follows:

  • 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration
  • Quad Electrostatics, 2 Vented Mid, 2 Highs, 1x Bespoke 9.7mm Foster Dynamic Driver
  • 4-Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
  • TriBore Waveguide
  • Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz
  • 20Hz-80kHz Frequency Response
  • 35ohm Impedance
  • Noise Isolation: -18db (UIEM)

IDiamond Earbuds by Heyerdahl – $6400:

IDiamond Headphones by Heyerdahl

Now, we don’t have any tech specs on these pairs. Oh… How rude of me not even to introduce these headphones to you. These are IDiamond Headphones designed by Thomas Heyerdahl from Heyerdahl Jewelry.

The brand is from Norway. And they have made devices these expensive before. And you might remember them as the company which created the world’s most expensive iPod.

Now, as I mentioned before that we don’t know that much about these headphones, but we do know that they cost a lot and that might be mostly because of the 18k white gold or 18k rose gold, from which these are crafted.

And also there are only 1000 numbered pairs in the world of these headphones. And if you think that these cost a lot then just wait till you hear the next one.

Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium – $11,996:

Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium

Ok, so here we are on the final one. And it does make you wonder that is it worth the money. Well, I am here to answer that question.

These are the Valkyria Titanium by Spirit Torino. First of all these headphones are hand-built in Italy and are extremely exclusive as there are only 99 pieces worldwide.

Now the manufacturers have really focused and put time into every part of these headphones. They are extremely comfortable and are fairly lightweighted. It has a grade 5 Titanium frame, which gives you a three-dimensional listening experience.

The company has collaborated with Dekoni, a leading earpad manufacturer for headphones, just to make the earpads for the Valkyria Titanium.

And together they have managed to make your listening experience super comfortable. The pads are made of leather and Alcantara and also have Ventilation Pad System Evo.

It has a very flexible and durable cable. The cable option provided is Valkyria 1.9, and the jack XLR. The weight is kept at 620g. The temperature rate recommended is between 0°C to 50°C. Technical specs are:

  • Twin Pulse isobaric System Titanium Technology
  • 2x drives Spirit revolver
  • 64 ohm Impedance
  • 96 dB sensitivity
  • The frequency response is 18-35.000 Hz
  • There is no Bluetooth option available

So, these were the devices that made our Top 10 Most Expensive Earbuds list. What are yours? Let us know in the comment section. And I catch you guys later.


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