Technologies That Most People Don’t Know Exist

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So, technologies have become a very vital part of today’s world. And it is right to say that its importance will only increase in the future. But an average individual thinks that he or she has seen every single piece of modern device.

And I am here to inform you that you couldn’t be more wrong. With the pace that technological advancement is happening, it is pretty hard for anyone to keep up. And that’s why I am writing this article about Technologies That Most People Don’t Know Exist.

And let me tell you that these technologies will make your jaw drop. Some of these technologies are being used in developing countries as a replacement for some dangerous means. So, let’s get started.

What are some technologies that most people don’t know exist?

Some examples include Li-Fi, Brain-Computer Interfaces, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Fabrics, and Gene Editing.

Are there any risks associated with unknown technologies?

Yes, as with any emerging technology, there are potential risks and ethical considerations to be aware of. It’s important to approach these technologies with caution and consider their potential impact on society and individuals.

Gravity Light:

Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist
Gravity Light

Gravity Light is just a marvelous invention by the human mind. As the name suggests, Gravity Light is a light that works on gravity.

How? Well, all you have to do is to hang the light on a wall. Fill the bag provided with light with some weight e.g. Rocks, etc. And attach the bag with the light. Now, there will be a pulley with the gravity light.

All you have to do is to pull that pulley and about 20 mins of light will be generated just by doing that. The more you pull, the more light will be generated. There is no need for any external battery or source of electricity.

You can also connect other lights with the Gravity light which will spread more light in other areas.

Energy Storing Bricks:

Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist
Energy Storing Bricks

“What? Energy Storing Bricks! I know about batteries, power suppliers, and power banks for storing energy, but bricks I never thought about that”. I am sure you are saying this. And let me inform you that this is possible.

Like batteries, bricks can be used to store energy and then provide that energy when needed. Scientists have found out there are some particles in red bricks that can be converted into plastic and can later be used for storing energy. And these bricks can be transformed into energy storage devices.

Mind-Controlled Devices:

Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist

You have surely seen this in sci-fi and fantasy movies, where a person can control different devices with their mind. Well, this has become reality.

Nowadays, there are many devices that can be controlled by just your mind. Like DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm, which can possibly replace a real arm and can be controlled by your mind, or Orbit’s Helicopter which allows you to fly the helicopter in the sky by just controlling it with your mind.

What about a car driven by just using your mind? Well, BrainDriver is a project which makes the car go to places with the help of your mind.


Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist

LiFi is a communication device that uses light to transfer data wirelessly. You must be wondering if this data transfer is fast or not. Well, LiFi is a lot faster than wifi and even 5G.

As it uses Infrared light or LED at a speed that cannot be seen by any human individual, it quickly transfers data from one device to the other and gives you amazing speed.

Although, currently there are some issues with it like it cannot penetrate through walls, once it is improved it can replace your conventional means of data transfer.

Thync’s Technology:

Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist
Thync Patch

This is a company that makes devices specializing to improve the function of your brain. The company makes headsets and patches, which use electricity for the improvement of the brain.

The company has developed some specific electric stimulation programs, which are sent by the devices to some specific parts of one’s brain.

This has many positive effects on the overall human body like reduction of stress, anxiety, physiological tension, better quality sleep, increased energy and alertness, and many more positive impacts. These devices are already being used by the military, athletes, and gamers.

Robotic Surgery:

Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist

Robotic Surgery is the process by which surgeons perform surgery with the assistance of robots. That’s why it’s also called robot-assisted surgery. With the use of robotic surgery, doctors can now perform very complex operations, that require very precise incisions, with more ease.

It is a lot better than the conventional way of surgery. There are many advantages of Robotic Surgery like less blood loss, less pain, the recovery time being very fast than normal surgery, smaller incisions, and many more. And there are some studies that state that robotic surgery has a 95% of overall success rate.

So, these were some of the Technologies That Most People Don’t Know Exist. Every day, as science is developing, there are new ways, new techniques, and new devices that are developed to give human life more ease of living.

Some of them are good and effective, while others are not. But this development shows that a human has the capability of solving every single problem that he faces. All it takes is time and focus. And with that note, I will see you guys soon with another article.


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