Steam Deck 2 is planned, Valve assures us

Steam Deck 2 is planned, Valve assures us, and More Tech News:

Ahead of Twisted Metal’s expected game reboot, its TV Show has finished filming.    Source: VGC

Google Tensor 3 chip for the Pixel 8 to be built by Samsung.     Source:

Bungie warns over Destiny boss’s ‘extremely loud roar’ that’s scaring players.     Source: VGC

Steam Deck 2 is planned, Valve assures us

Steam Deck 2 is planned, Valve assures us.     Source: TechRadar

Corsair’s new gaming monitor bends into a curved display.      Source: The Verge

China’s Baidu reveals its first quantum computer called Qianshi.     Reuters
Facebook agrees to settle Cambridge Analytica privacy suit.     Source: Business Recorder

‘Game Pass Friends and Family’ reportedly discovered on Xbox backend.     Source: VGC

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 gains support for Samsung’s powerful photography tool.     Source: Android Central

Nvidia to announce next-gen GPU architecture in September amid RTX 4090 rumors.     Source: The Verge

The Huawei Mate 50 series has surpassed 1 million reservations.     Source: Anthony on Twitter

SpaceX launches 54 Starlink satellites, lands rocket at sea.    Source:

Sony hikes price of PS5 in Europe, Japan, and more.    Source: The Verge

Paralyzed mountain biker credits Apple Watch with saving his life.    Source: AppleInsider

Samsung files patent application for a dual-screen phone.     Source: PhoneArena
Twitch will now let partners stream on YouTube and Facebook.     Source: The Verge
Apparently the Apple Watch Pro will have a 47mm Case Size & a flat display.    Source: Anthony on Twitter
Apple Watch Pro with iPhone 13 design cues rumored for Sept. event.     Source: AppleInsider
Apple Watch 8 may get iPhone 13 Pro like design on launch alongside iPhone 14.    Source: HT Tech
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro
• Snapdragon 778G
• 1920x1200p 16:10 display
• Bluetooth 5.2
• 4gb ram
• Android 12L
Release is imminent.     Source: Anthony on Twitter
Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 to bring 4 nm process, LPDDR5 RAM support and 120 Hz displays to cheaper Android smartphones.    Source:
Former Payday developers are working on a new co-op heist shooter.     Source: Rock Paper Shotgun
The ‘true’ face of Android wears a Verizon ball cap.    Source: Android Central
The Huawei Mate Xs 2 is launching in the UK on August 31st 8/512gb: £1699.     Source: Anthony on Twitter
Valve’s booklet talks about the company’s history and the future of Steam Deck.     Source: XDA Developers

Google brings Duo back as a shortcut to its video chat and conferencing app.     Source: PhoneArena

Total War’s developers are making a third-person melee action game.     Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Hackers access DoorDash data, T-Mobile teams up with SpaceX, and eBay buys TCGplayer.    Source: TechCrunch

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirms a global release for 12 S Ultra successor

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirms a global release for 12 S Ultra successor.    Source: XDA Developers

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