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You are here because you want to find out the Samsung Z Fold 4 Price In The USA. But, let me first inform you about the leaks of the phone and everything we know so far.

Samsung’s foldable smartphones have been killing it in the market. Without any doubt, they are leading in the foldable market. With every single model, they are fixing the previous model’s problems, improving and adding features.

They are forcing the other companies to enter the foldable market and giving them a tough time. But, it is now time for a new foldable. Read this article completely because at the end of this article we will tell you the Samsung Z Fold 4 Price In The USA.

So, there are rumors in the market about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. But keep in mind that these are just leaks and rumors of what the phone has or might have. A model’s leak doesn’t need to be true. Sometimes the leaks are all correct and sometimes not a single thing matches the original product. But, in some cases some of the leaks are True. Not a single one of these leaks have been confirmed by the officials yet.

Price And Release: (Samsung Z Fold 4 Price in the USA)

Before moving forward to the expected or leaked features, first, clear the Price category for you. As the previous Z Fold 3 cost $1799, the Z Fold might be dropped to $1599. Keep in mind that this price isn’t provided by anyone from Samsung. This is just an expected price, as the Fold 2 launched at $1999. and two years later the Fold 3 was at $1799.

So, that’s why the professionals are expecting the product to be at $1599.

The possible release date for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might be released in August this year. Why? well, as the previous two models from the fold launched at the end of each year, Fold 2 launched in September and Fold 3 in August. That’s why we suspect the product to launch around August. If $1599 will be the final price of the Samsung Z Fold 4 Price In The USA then will you buy it? Let me tell now in the comments section below.

Leaked Display:

The Fold 4 is expected to launch with a 7.6-inch Super AMOLED display. QXGA+ resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The cover display will be 6.2 inches which will be supported with HD+ and also with 120 Hz. And for those of you who don’t know about the cover display. It is the display that is on the outside of the Galaxy Fold series.

Now, if we compare this to the Fold 3 all of these specs are the same. Fold 3 had an inner 7.6inch QXGA+ AMOLED display with 120 Hz and the outer display is also the same. So, we don’t know if these specs are true, if they are then there are no new display specs in Z Fold 4.


Expected Camera:

There are some changes that you’ll see in cameras, at least according to the leaks. Like Samsung Z Fold 4 would have a 50MP primary camera, a 12MP Ultra-wide, and a 12MP Telephoto with 3x optical zoom. The Fold 3 had a 12MP primary camera, a 12MP Ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP Telephoto camera but with 2x optical zoom.

If we move to the selfie cameras, then the Fold 4 will have a 10MP front selfie camera and 16MP under-display camera, which is an improvement from the Fold 3 which had only a 4MP under-display camera. But the Fold 3 had the same 10MP front selfie camera.

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The rumors again are that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have the same battery and charging capabilities as the Z Fold 3. This means that the Fold 4 will have a 4,400mAh, the same as the former model. Same with wired charging at 25W. There aren’t any rumors about wireless charging, but we know that the wireless charging of Fold 3 was 11W. So, let’s see what we will get with Fold 4.

RAM and Processor:

There is an expected upgrade in RAM from Fold 3 to 4. As the Fold 3 only had a 12GB option in RAM. But the Galaxy Fold 4 might have 12 and 16 GB options for you to choose from.

The Z Fold 4 might have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC Processor, which is Qualcomm’s latest Premium Processor. Whereas, the Z Fold 3 had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Soc.

Software and Storage:

In both of these categories, the Fold 4 is rumored to have the same specs as the former model in this series. Fold 4 might have Android 12 software, which is the latest version of Android in the current market. In storage, you might get the same option to choose from 256GB / 512GB.

Other Features:

The Fold 4 is rumored to have the following features:

  • IPx8 rating
  • Samsung Dex
  • S Pen
  • NFC
  • 5G
  • Samsung Pay
  • Stereo speakers
  • aside fingerprint button.

Now, after checking the above features it looks like there aren’t that many new features in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. At least in these categories. But again, keep in mind that all of these specs and features are leaks and rumors. It is not at all the final product. As it is not confirmed by the officials. And it is possible that there might come more rumors about the phone in the near future. Or maybe the officials will confirm these leaks. Many people are searching on google about the Samsung Z Fold 4 Price In The USA and the latest other features so these are some features of it.

Don’t forget that Samsung is in the lead in the Foldable market by a big margin and they would like to remain that way. They know what to add to a certain product and what not to. And in the end, it is expected that Samsung will still be standing in the lead. So, just have some patience. And keep your eyes and ears open.

If any more rumors come into the market or there is anything from Samsung, then we will keep you updated. How? Let me tell you about our Tech news category. In which we add a new article that gives you an overall summary or view of the Tech and what is happening in the Tech world.

So, if you want to keep yourself moving with the technology, then don’t forget to visit the Tech News Category. and let us make sure that you won’t regret it. For now, you did get the answer to the Samsung Z Fold 4 Price in the USA. Let’s just all hope that the final product will be worth the money. And that’s the main thing.


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