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You might be thinking about Pixel Buds vs Airpod pro, which one should you buy, as Google has announced their upcoming high-end earbuds at Google IO 2022.

Now, this is not that simple to answer, as they have a lot of different features and some same. They both are from different years.

They both are from two of the most well-known and trusted companies, which are currently out there. But don’t worry! we will compare everything about these products and give you a final result about which one you should buy in 2022.

Keep in mind that we are not claiming any of the information given below. As the Pixel Buds are not out yet, we haven’t reviewed the product, and cannot confirm or deny the information.

Pixel Buds vs AirPod Pro:

Now, before we go forward let me tell you a little bit about these products. From Google we have their upcoming, and currently announced Pixel Buds Pro and from Apple, we have Airpods pro. Airpods pro was out in late 2019.

Pixel buds pro were announced by Google on their IO 2022 and will be in stores on the 28th of July 2022, Alongside Google’s new smartphone Pixel 6A.

The reason why we are comparing Apple’s 2019 headphones and Google’s 2022 headphones is that Airpods pro is still being considered Apple’s best headphones to buy right now. And also Pixel buds pro is designed as the main competitor against Airpods Pro.

Sound Quality:

Both of the headphones have great sound quality. Pixel buds pro will have a custom-designed 11mm speaker driver which gives you a very strong, yet gradation music sound.

While AirPods pro has a Custom high excursion Apple driver and high dynamic range amplifier giving you powerful bass and pure, clear sound.

Pixel buds have a 5-band EQ through which you can customize the sound quality as you want. Airpods pro does not have 5-band EQ, but it does have adaptive EQ, which will automatically adjust the music according to your ear’s shape.

Active Noise Cancallation:

Active Noise Cancellation has become very popular amongst the public. No matter, which companies headphones are you looking for, you’ll first check if the pairs have a Noise Cancellation feature.

Now both of the products do have this feature. Pixel Buds pro will use a Silent seal which blocks maximum external sound, which is claimed by Google.

Airpods Pro with the help of its external microphones detects noise and then counters that noise with its anti-noise. now, both of these products have three noise cancellation modes, which are:

  • Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Transparency Mode.
  • and Off.

Listening Time: (Pixel Buds vs AirPod Pro)

Now, every single headphones review and product comparison is incomplete without listening time. Pixel buds pro will top you up to 31 hours of listening time with case( without Active Noise Cancellation) and 20 hours of listening time with case( with Active Noise Cancellation). While AirPods will allow you to listen to music for 24 hours and will you 18 hours of talk-time.

With Pixel Buds Pro, 5 minutes of charging will give you around 1 hour of music streaming. Same with the Airpods Pro.

Charging:(Pixel Buds vs AirPod Pro)

The Pixel Buds pro will normally use a USB-C charging port. But you’ll also have the option to use QI-certified wireless charging. It means that you’ll get safe and reliable wireless charging.

For Airpod pro, you have the option to either use a MagSafe charger, a Qi-certified charger, or Apple’s Lightning charging cable. MagSafe might charge your buds faster than a QI- charger. But the fastest out of all of these would be USB-C.

Colors: (Pixel Buds vs AirPod Pro)

For those of you, to whom the color of a product matters a lot, let me inform you that Pixel Buds Pro will come in the following colors:

  • Charcoal.
  • Fog
  • Lemongrass
  • and Coral.

While AirPods Pro only comes in one color, White. But you do get an option of getting a mix of emojis, names, and numbers engraved on your Airpods Pro.

Sweat and Water-resistance:

Airpods Pro has IPX4 of Sweat and Water-resistant. It means that you can through the water at the product from multiple directions. But the water should be at low pressure. You can wear Airpods Pro for non-water sports and activities.

On the other hand, Pixel Bud Pro will have sweat and water resistance of  IPX4 for earbuds and IPX2 for the case. IPX2 means that a product can resist water at an angle of 15° or less.

AI Assistance:(Pixel Buds vs AirPod Pro)

The topic of AI assistance is far from just headphones. It stretches all across portable electronic devices. Not only that, it is spreading its threads to home appliances, and vehicles. So, let’s not get into the details of AI Assistance and its uses.

Google uses its Google Assistance and Apple uses its AI known as Siri. Both of these AI can are one of the most used AI’s and can do a lot of stuff on your headphones like accepting/declining phone calls, making a call, playing a song on your request, and even giving you directions and much more.

You also get Announce Notifications on Airpods Pro. This feature allows Siri to read time-sensitive notifications, the moment you have received them.

Price Point:

Now after all of these major features, let’s talk about the cost of each. Pixel buds will come out at the price of $199.99, which you can pay monthly with 6 months of special financing, paying $33.33/month.

You can get Airpods pro for $249 or you can pay $41.50 per month for six months. The engravings that you’ll get, if you want, will be free of charge, according to Apple.

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