OnePlus 10 is slated to launch without Hasselblad branding

OnePlus 10 is slated to launch without Hasselblad branding and more tech news:

Leaked Audio From 80 Internal TikTok Meetings Shows That US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China.   Source: BuzzFeed News
Google releases bug-fixing Android 13 Beta 3.1 update faster than expected.   Source: Android Police

Instagram is finally testing its new TikTok-like layout on unsuspecting users.   Source: Android Central

Sony to boost mid-range camera performance with a new 100 MP sensor as Samsung readies a groundbreaking flagship camera.   Source: NoteBookCheck

Store workers vote to form the first US Apple union.   Source: TechXplore

Netflix may want to consider putting a stop to releasing whole seasons all at once.   Source: Android Police

Microsoft to retire the Internet Explorer browser and redirect users to Edge.   Source: The Guardian

Xbox wins the Daytime Emmy award for the 20th-anniversary documentary.   Source: VGC

Windows 11 could soon let you see which apps might have been spying on you.   Source:   TechRadar

Treasure has said it’s working on a “highly requested” game as it celebrates its 30th anniversary today.   Source: VGC

Crime blotter: Cargo handlers at airport arrested for $21,000 Apple theft.   Source: AppleInsider

Nothing finally gives us a full-body image of the Nothing Phone (1).   Source: PhoneArena

AirTag Shipments to Reach 35 Million Units in 2022 [Kuo].   Source: iClarified

AirTag shipments rise could result in the second-gen model, says Kuo.   Source: AppleInsider

Fans have released a 10-player Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer mode.   Source: VGC

WhatsApp adds the ability to mute others on group calls and join calls in progress.   Source: TechSpot

The 3.75MW MCS standard for charging heavy-duty electric vehicles is official and the first 1MW stations will have Tesla compatibility.  Source: NoteBookCheck

Leaked Google Pixel 6a promo images show off the phone ahead of its launch.   Source: TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho gets June 2022 security update.   Source: SamMobile
Ethereum miners spent $15 billion on graphics cards in the last 18 months.  Source: TechSpot
The A2MR Metroid fan team is reuniting for an original Metroidvania.   Source: VGC

Samsung expects the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 to massively outsell their forerunners.  Source: PhoneArena

OnePlus 10 is slated to launch without Hasselblad branding (or an Alert Slider).  Source: NoteBookCheck

After hacking millions of devices, the DoJ operation shuts down the RSocks botnet.   Source: TechSpot

Starling Home Hub firmware update brings virtual temperature sensors to HomeKit using Nest’s weather service.   Source: 9to5Mac

Nokia G11 Plus will launch with more RAM and Android 12 out of the box.   Source:

Housemarque’s senior narrative designer has told VGC that developing the game’s deep story was a “tightrope walk”.   Source: VGC

Realme teases an upcoming TechLife Watch with a round face and Bluetooth calling.   Source:

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(Amazing) Apple Maps tests updates in France, Monaco, and New Zealand 

Microsoft announces upgraded Surface Laptop Go 2 starting at $599 

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