5 Amazing New Laptop Battery Charging Tips

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The battery is one of the most important components of any mobile phone, computer, and laptop. When you buy your new laptop, you first charge it, which is very important. Do you know what the new laptop owners ask us, what are the  New Laptop Battery Charging Tips?

If you buy a new laptop then it is important to take care of your laptop battery for its long life. Read this useful article completely, because it will give you some New Laptop Battery Charging Tips.

How Should You Charge A New Laptop Battery?

Firstly, after buying a brand new laptop charge it to 100% before turning it ON. Try not to use the laptop when it is charging, as it puts a negative effect on the laptop’s overall battery life. Different people face different issues with their laptop batteries. Sometimes laptop battery indicator shows 100 percent after a few minutes. If this happens with you then turn off your laptop and recharge it after 10 to 15 minutes.


If you want to enhance your laptop’s battery efficiency, then keep your laptop battery between 40 to 80 percent. This will protect your laptop from overheating. Modern laptops do stop charging the battery when it is fully charged. So if you have one of these laptops, then they will not overheat.

Leaving Laptop Plugged In All The Time Can Affect Battery?


This is the question that every new laptop owner asks. The answer to this question is YES. Leaving your laptop plugged in all the time will reduce your laptop battery efficiency. Always keep your laptop battery optimum. You should follow the 40 80 rule. According to this rule, you should maintain your battery meter between 40 to 80 percent. This rule is for all electronic devices not only laptops.

Leaving your laptop plugged in constantly doesn’t damage your laptop battery. But one thing that affects your laptop battery is overheating. And that happens if you are using processor-intensive applications like games, 2heavy video editing software, etc.

Useful Tips To Follow After Buying A New Laptop:

You can follow the following points when buying a new laptop:

  • You need to update the operating system
  • Bloatware should be removed
  • Review all the antivirus software
  • Optimize the laptop power setting
  • Always configure automated backups
  • Try to minimize the risk of heat damage

How Can I Stop My Laptop From Overheating?

As I have mentioned temperature is one of the main factors that affect your laptop battery life. If you follow all these tips that are given below then there are very few chances of your laptop getting overheated in the future. So make sure to read these guidelines carefully and follow them.

  • You can use cooling pads
  • extend your ram
  • Make sure that your laptop is switched off when it is not in use
  • You can check and clean the cooling fans when you feel that your laptop is now warming up
  • Don’t block your computer’s vents
  • Don’t use those programs that push your CPU limit
  • You can change your computer settings also to improve its performance
  • When your laptop is overheated then shut down for 30 minutes and then restart it

Note: laptops heat up all the time but it doesn’t mean it is overheated. If your laptop fan is running at full speed constantly for a long time, this can be an indication that your device is overheated.

New Laptop Battery Charging Tips:

If you buy a new laptop then I am giving you some tips that you can follow to enhance your new laptop battery timing. Follow all these New Laptop Battery Charging Tips.


How To Charge A New Laptop?

When you buy a new laptop, we will recommend charging your laptop for no less than 24 hours. Charging your laptop for 24 hours will sure that your battery is full and it will help with the battery life expectancy. When your laptop battery charging reaches 100 percent then you should not discharge it fully. In many modern laptops, Lithium-ion batteries are used which can become strained, maybe at the weekend if you will fully discharge your laptop.

Using Laptop On Desk? Use Direct AC  Power and Remove Battery:

If you are an office worker and you always use your laptop on the office desk and you are not moving it to different positions for a long time, then use direct AC  power and remove the battery. This will ensure that your laptop battery will never release or receive any power and it will not be damaged after a few days or weeks.

Go To Control Panel And Adjust Power Option:

First of all, go to the windows power option from the computer control panel. Now make sure that power saver mode is enabled. After this adjust the brightness, and dim the display. Doing this will ensure that minimum resources will be used when the laptop is running on battery.

Always Update Your Operating System:

Keep your software updated. Manufacturers release new updates every now and then. So, update all software. When a new update is released it has upgrades and patches that help programs run smoothly and faster. If programs run faster and smoothly then this will be effective for your laptop battery. This will enhance your laptop battery timing.

Don’t Use Laptop During Charging: (New Laptop Battery Charging Tips)

If you are using your laptop when it is in charging condition then this will reduce your laptop battery efficiency. Usually, many people use their laptop during charging but this really affects your laptop battery. If you use it during charging then your laptop will overheat very quickly. But the modern laptops are designed in such a way that if their batteries are fully charged then they will stop the battery charging process automatically when the laptop battery reaches 100 percent.

So, these are New Laptop Battery Charging Tips. Hope you found them helpful, if so then please share them with others.

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