5 Reasons: Why My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging

From mobile phones to laptops, lags occur at any time at any stage. With the passage of time, your laptop collects more files and programs due to its regular use. This is the main reason your laptop slows down. If you are using an older laptop then you might have to replace your memory card or hard drive. Fixing laptops lag problems seems to be very difficult but it is not the case. This issue is very common and many people do ask why My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging?

You can easily fix the laptop’s lagging problems by controlling normal maintenance with your machine, such as running the windows hard drive utilities and freeing up hard drive spaces. Read this article completely because after reading this article completely you will never search why my laptop is very slow and hanging?

Why My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging?

Before going to the solution to this problem, first I will explain that what are the main reasons that slow down your laptop.  I bought a new laptop last year and after 3 months I noticed that My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging. So these are the reasons:

Your Laptop Does Not Have Sufficient Memory:

These can be the main factors that slow down your laptop. If your laptop has more RAM then you can run heavy programs on the laptop. But if your laptop ram is 4 GB or 6GB it will become very difficult for your laptop to perform well as it gets more used. So knowing how much RAM your laptop has is very important. Modern laptops are designed in such a way that they can handle multitasking without any problem But you can’t find the same feature in older laptops. Many programs running in the background can also cause your laptop to slow down.

Your Laptop Contains Virus:

At anytime our laptop starts to behave out of the ordinary routine and that might be because malware has infected your precious tech. Malware can corrupt your laptop processor and this may result in slowing down your laptop.

There are the main signs of a corrupted laptop:

  • Programs closing and opening by themselves
  • Blue screen for death notifications
  • Your hard drive is filled with suspicious files
  • Pop-ups amount increasing
  • Also Sudden slowdown

Your Laptop Is Very Old:


If you have an older laptop then your laptop can start lagging. Older laptops cause lagging because their specifications are very low. The prices of most valued laptops can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. With the growth of modern laptops, older laptops can not keep up with many updates most of your favorite software and games require in order to have new features. So if your laptop starts lagging, then it’s better to leave that old laptop alone and look for new good laptops.

Many Softwares Are Running In Background:

If much software are running in the background, this also causes the laptop to slow down. You can stop this software by simply following these simple steps:

  • First of all, click the start button and go to settings
  • Now select the privacy option
  • From the left panel click on background apps
  • Now here you can easily see apps that are running in the background and you can turn on or off background apps easily

Especially, in windows 10 the apps that you will download from the Microsoft store will run in the background to take advantage of additional features, such as show notifications and the ability to download data. These features may be useful in a number of ways but if apps will run in the background, they will drain your laptop battery and can slow down your laptop.  If you want to know new laptop battery charging tips then we also wrote a detailed article on this topic you can read.

You Are Not Updating Your Laptop Operating System:

If you are not updating your laptop then you might be missing out on new software patches and new driver updates. This can slow down your laptop and leave you unprotected from security and hackers, who can also attack your laptop. This is very important to protect your phones and laptops from hacking. Two times a year windows roll out major feature updates. Removing bugs and Patches for improving security are released monthly. If your laptop is running slower than usual then make sure that your laptop is up to date. So these are all reasons


My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging How Can I Fix it?

Many people report this issue that my laptop is very slow and hanging. I am giving you nine guidelines that you can follow to solve this issue.

  • First of all, update your laptop operating system. Remove viruses and spyware by running a laptop virus scanner. Malware always uses up your laptop or computer CPU resources and that’ll slow down your laptop
  • Launch the system configuration screen by clicking on the start button and then type MSConfig and then pressing enter. After this, navigate to the startup tab and remove the check in the boxes next to every item that you don’t need running on your laptop. Only the selected programs will start up when you will reboot your laptop.
  • Now launch the add or remove apps screen by clicking on the start button and type add or remove apps and then press enter. Select all those apps that are unneeded and then click uninstall and free up space on your laptop.
  • Now launch the disk cleanup utility by clicking on start and then type disk cleanup and press enter. Checkmark the box for the item that you want to delete from your laptop and then click ok.
  • Launch the Windows defragmenter utility by clicking on the start button and then type disk defragmenter and then press enter. After this, select your laptop hard drive and then click defragment disk to combine files. This will increase the hard drive response time.
  • Add more ram to your laptop. This will help your laptop to run multiple programs at a time.
  • If you have that software on your laptop that you do not use then uninstall all those software.
  • Monitor your internet habits. If you opened multiple tabs at a time for no reason then close all those tabs that you are not using.
  • Use a cooling pad to prevent your laptop from overheating

So, these are very useful guidelines that you can follow to prevent your laptop from slowing down and hanging. When people buy a new laptop then after 2 to 3 months they report this issue. So, we gave these tips to all of them which we wrote in this article. If you found this article helpful, then share this article with your friends also. Thanks for reading this article.

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