IOS 16 ! What Should We Expect From It

Apple’s IOS 16 is expected to be seen on June 6, which is Apple’s WWDC 2022. At least the Public beta version of the OS might be released soon after this event. Not only, IOS 16 but also IpadOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. But, there isn’t that much information right now on the macOS and the WatchOS.

There are some small things that might be seen in the upcoming WatchOS and we will tell you about those features later in this article. Let, me tell you that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, says that the upcoming software “is a fairly significant upgrade”.So, let’s see what new updates will be in IOS16 (at least from what we know).

These are some of the new features and improvements which are expected from the upcoming software:

  • Notification
  • Messages
  • Health App
  • Multitasking panels for ipads
  • Lock Screen
  • Car Crash
  • Focus mode for the watch
  • Assistive Touch Gestures
  • Mirroring mode
  • Iphones Focus mode for macOS


Well, we don’t know what will be updated in notifications but we do know what the users want. Like Jordan Palmer from Tom’s guide wrote. He states that he wants to see:

  • Better grouping of the notifications
  • Allowing us to perform more actions with each notification
  • Easier to clear one notification or all of the notifications

I don’t know about you but I think these features are the ones that I would love to see on my phone. Now, we don’t know what we will get from IOS 16 in the terms of notifications, but it is possible that we get to see one of the features or maybe all of them( don’t think so) added to the software.

Messages:(IOS 16! What Should We Expect From It)

In IOS 15 the messages had a lot of new features like pin content, photos, shared with you, Memoji, etc. Visual wise the message was almost the same back then. So, it is possible that Apple tweaks a little bit in the overall interface of the messages app. Just a little bit, as the current version is loved by apple’s users. Although we cannot say what Apple has planned for the imessage in the upcoming OS.


The Health app was developed by Apple which allowed the users to keep track of their health, activity, and a lot more, which would be easily accessed through this app. Now, it is being said that Apple is going to add new health tracking features in the OS, for this app. The features will include expanding sleep tracking.

There are also rumors about a tool that will allow you to manage your medicines very easily. This tool is said to be known as The Medicine management and is currently being developed by Apple.

The previous versions of the Health App also had women’s health features, which were really useful for women of almost every age. And I can see apple improving these features and even adding new t this functionality.

Lock Screen:(IOS 16! What Should We Expect From It)

The always-on display is a feature, which lets you see dates, times, notifications icons and missed calls, etc when your phone screen is locked. It lets you not turn on your phone to check some basic stuff like time. The Always-on Display or AOD was first introduced by Nokia.

This is a feature Soon, it was caught on by other Android Device companies, such as Samsung, Oneplus, Xiaomi, and many more. Nowadays you can see this feature on almost all Samsung phones.

The previous IOS or the iPhones didn’t have this feature. Now, there are reports that Apple is going to add an Always-on display in its iPhone 14 and 14 Pro and add new widgets for the lock screen to support the AOD.

Car Crash Detection:

Last year, it was reported that Apple is planning to launch Car Crash Detection feature in 2022. The main purpose of this feature is to detect a car crash in which you are involved and automatically dial 911 to get emergency services. This feature was said to be added to iPhones and Apple Watch

The feature was being tested two years before and it was said to give some positive results. And it is also being reported that this feature has detected more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts. Well, this is 2022 and it is being said that this feature will be represented in the WWDC 2022.


Well, every year apple adds some new stuff for its watch. So, this year is expected to be the same. Adding some fitness features, new wallpaper skins, etc. Although 9to5mac does report that Apple could add a low power mode like in IPhones, in their watches, to give you more juice time.

There are also talks about Assistive Touch Gestures in the upcoming WatchOS, which will allow you to give commands to the watch like ending calls, changing a song, etc by moving your fingers. Both of these features haven’t been confirmed by the officials but we can see them being used in the near future.

IPadOS 16:

Now, this is a bit more interesting. So, there are talks in the market that Apple wants its IPad to be more close to its Macbooks or work more like a Macbook. And that that’s why Apple is going to add redesigned Multitasking Panels in the upcoming IPadOS 16. This OS also said to:

  • have the option to resize the windows
  • Allow different ways to manage multiple apps at a time

People are waiting anxiously for this announcement as it might be one of the biggest announcements of the event this year.

MacOS:(IOS 16! What Should We Expect From It)

We know the least about the macOS this year. The only thing we know is that Apple might add the iPhone’s focus mode in this OS. Yeah! That’s it for macOS. And don’t blame us, it’s just that there haven’t been any reports or rumors about the macOS. So, I think you’d have to find out yourself at the WWDC 2022.

So, these are the features and improvements that are being moved around the Tech world. I personally think that some of these features might become a part of their related OS. I might be wrong. And don’t worry if you won’t be able to watch the event.

This is where we come in. We will report everything to you, so you can stay up to date. Because that’s the purpose of Tech Gadgets Press, Making every individual technologically novice. 

So, see you in two days. In the meantime, you can check out our other articles on Samsung Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 leaks, or you can stick with us and read the latest articles every day about the latest news.

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