How To Stop Someone From Reading My WhatsApp Messages

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Many people leave their smartphones unlocked in public and their friends and relatives use them to spy on their phones and read their personal chats. Is this happened to you in past?  Whatsapp is a social chatting app and it is very private for all of us. And no one wants others to read their messages or check their phone. This question has been asked quite a lot How To Stop Someone From Reading My WhatsApp Messages?

The population of the whole world is 7.9 Billion and around 2 Billion people in the whole world use WhatsApp. So I think that this is very important to secure your WhatsApp. In this article, I will deeply explain how to stop someone from reading my Whatsapp messages?

Can Someone See My Whatsapp Messages From Another Phone?


Basically, Whatsapp can never run on two devices at the same time. But if hackers register your phone number on another device then they have access to read your personal chats and contacts. This thing is very simple and easy for professional hackers. Hackers scan your Whatsapp QR code and can access your Whatsapp messages or conversations. Different third-party apps can allow you to run Whatsapp on two devices at the same time. But please don’t use these types of apps. They are very risky. On your Whatsapp account hackers can attack easily.

How To Know If Someone Is Accessing My WhatsApp From Another Device?

If you think that someone is accessing your WhatsApp on another device then you may confirm your suspicion. There are many ways that will help you to find out if your WhatsApp is hacked or not. If the Whatsapp web icon appears in your phone notification bar in real-time then it is a sign that someone is accessing your Whatsapp on another device without your permission. It will be a green computer icon that will always stay there when a connected Whatsapp is active on another device.

While this is a serious privacy issue but its solution is simple. Now I will teach you how to stop someone from reading my Whatsapp messages?

How To Stop Someone From Reading My Whatsapp Messages?

You need to stop the serious privacy breach if you are confirmed that someone is accessing your Whatsapp account via the Whatsapp web. When your account is in damage, Facebook not only makes it easy to detect but also makes it easy to stop it.

You can stop someone from reading your Whatsapp messages by disconnecting their computer with your Whatsapp account. This is very easy and simple and you need no access to their computer for this.

Here is what you can easily do and this is How To Stop Someone From Reading My WhatsApp Messages?

You Can Logout Of Whatsapp Web:


You can very easily sign out of all those devices that are currently connected to your Whatsapp account if you have access to your Whatsapp account. If you are noticing that icon of Whatsapp web showing on the top of your phone without connecting it to a computer, you should sign out of Whatsapp web.

But if you want to sign out of all devices that are now actively connected to your WhatsApp account follow the given procedure below:

ü  Now first of all install the Whatsapp mobile application on your android or iPhone. Now after installing the WhatsApp application on your smartphone open the app and click on the three dots in the sidebar to open the menu.

ü  From the menu section you will see an option named linked device. Click on the option and now in this option, you can easily connect your WhatsApp account with any other device and if someone is using your WhatsApp account on another device without your consent they will appear here.

ü  If you have not permitted any computer to link with your WhatsApp account, you should remove all those computers from this list. Click on them once and after this logout. A Popup will appear now simply click on logout. In this way, you can stop someone from reading your Whatsapp messages or conversations.

2 Best Ways To Secure Your Whatsapp Account:

These are the two best ways that you can use to secure your Whatsapp account.

Enable Screen Lock Feature:

Enabling a screen lock feature is very important to secure your WhatsApp account and all other mobile data. If you will enable the screen lock feature for your smartphone no other person can see your Whatsapp messages and your internal mobile data. They can not access your phone because they do not know what password you use to protect your phone. Now in modern smartphones face lock and fingerprint options are also available to secure your mobile phone if you have a smartphone that offers these features then you can also use them.

Stop Displaying Messages On Your Lock Screen:

 You need to stop messages from being displayed on your lock screen if you want no one to can see these messages. Now to stop messages from being displayed on the lock screen settings can be different on different phones. In general,

Ø  Open the setting app on your phone

Ø  Click on apps

Ø  Now choose WhatsApp in the list ( all the applications that are now currently installed on your mobile phone will appear here)

Ø  Now after selecting Whatsapp you can easily turn on or turn off the preview of the message.

If you want to make your Whatsapp messages private then click on any chat and Whatsapp will show you a box on the top of the screen. Now tap on the box to hide chats.

Many clones of WhatsApp are now also available like WhatsApp red, WhatsApp blue, Pink WhatsApp, and so on. These are clones of Whatsapp please don’t use these apps. These types of apps will be available on google websites. These types of apps can hack your smartphone as well. If you want to know how to secure my phone from hacking then I wrote a detailed article on this topic you can read.

                  If you will install these types of Whatsapp apps from google then your phone will be hacked. Always install apps that are available on the play store app store or any trusted source. If you found this article helpful for you then share this article with your friends also. I hope that after reading this detailed article you will never search on google again for how to stop someone from reading my WhatsApp messages?


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