5 Tips On How To Secure My phone From Hacking

Hi guys, phone hacking is the major problem that everyone is facing nowadays.  If your phone is being hacked then hackers can use your data for any illegal activity. So it is necessary for you to protect your phone from hacking. Many people search that how to secure my phone from hacking.

Almost 100k to 200k hackers are available globally. China and UK have about 30k, while India and Russia have almost 20k hackers. Almost 41 percent of hackers are present in china and china is the world’s biggest country in which hackers try more hacking attempts.

So, protect your phone from hacking. Read this useful article completely because in this article we will explain how you can protect your phone from hacking. If you read this article completely then you will never search in the future how to secure my phone from hacking.

How do I Know If My Phone is Hacked?

If you found those apps on your phone that you do not download, calls, emails, or messages that you do not send. So there are 90 percent chances that your phone is being hacked. Many hackers can hijack your smartphone to send premium-rate calls or messages. And if you found spikes in your data, this clearly shows that your phone is now hacked. Hackers spread malware to your contacts.


Which App Can Protect My Phone From Hacking?

If you are an android user then Webroot offers all-in-one security for android. It provides you with antivirus protection. A good security app can protect your smartphone from hacking, so use Webroot if you are an android user to protect your phone from hacking. But if you are an iPhone user then your phone can also be hacked.

Many people think that their iPhones can never be hacked but this is 100 percent wrong. Hackers can also hack iPhones. How? Well, IPhones are hacked remotely through IOS vulnerabilities. You can use the following steps to keep your IOS device from getting hacked:

  • Please set a strong passcode
  • Must use face or touch id
  • Find my iPhone should be turned on
  • Make sure that your apple id is secured
  • Always hide your personal email address

Can Someone Hack My Phone From Number?

Yes, hackers can also hack your phone number. This is a part of a larger attack. If hackers want to attempt a larger attack then they use your number for getting more detailed information.

For getting a username, password, or number hackers send fake messages. And people provide their personal data without thinking. This is called a phishing attack. Mostly hackers send sponsorships messages or emails to people.

With the help of this technique, hackers hack many famous youtube channels also. In sponsorship mail, they ask for your personal data like your personal email id, your personal phone numbers, and so on. When people check sponsored email then they provide their phone number and email address without thinking because they think that this sponsored mail is being sent from a genuine company.

How  To Secure My Phone From Hacking?

Securing your smartphone is very important and we are giving you five tips that will give you the answer to the question that how to secure my phone from hacking.

Never respond to these types of messages or emails!

 If you receive text messages or emails in which they are asking for your personal information like phone numbers or passwords do not respond to them. Usually, these messages are seemed to be from the bank but they are not.

Always lock your phone with a pattern, pin, or password!

It is very important to lock your phone by using these methods. Because if you don’t lock your phone then everyone can check your personal data, without your permission. So make sure that your smartphone is locked with a pin, password, or pattern.

Download apps only from trusted stores!

This is also very important. Always install those apps that are available on the play store or AppStore. Because these apps are 100 percent secure. All the available apps on the play store or app store are 100 percent risk-free. You can download and use these apps.

Do not download any cracked versions of apps on your smartphone, as they are 100 percent risky. Many people use the crack version so they can use the premium plan without paying a single penny. So if you use apps that are cracked then there are 100 percent chances that your phone will be hacked.

Always Keep Your Apps Updated!

This tip is also very important. Many apps are updated after every 2 to 3 months. So when companies update their apps, make sure to go to google play store or AppStore and click the update button to update the app.

Logout On Those Sites In Which You Make A Payment!

If you buy something from websites with your bank card then log out on those sites when the transaction is completed. This step is also crucial for protecting your smartphone as well as your bank account from hacking. so follow all five tips and this is the simplest answer to this question How To Secure My phone From Hacking?

Can Hackers See You Through Your Phone Camera?

This is a very simple and very common question that everyone asks. And the answer to it is very simple YES! When hackers hack your phone then they have complete control over your device.

They can see your contact numbers, your Whatsapp chats, and text messages. They can install or delete any app and can also use all installed apps on your smartphone including your phone camera.

Is There A Way To Report It? 

Yes. When you are 100% assured, that your smartphone is hacked then you can report it to the local, federal, and international levels. You can also report to the platform about the act.

So if you found this article helpful then share this article with others. If you’ll follow all the tips, given above then your smartphone will be protected from hacking.

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