How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?

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If you are searching on google about How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster? then you are at the right place. Microsoft Windows 10! This window is very powerful and is currently the most popular operating system (OS).

About over one billion systems use Windows 10. Even though Microsoft has launched its new Windows 11, but still Windows 10 is going strong.

But you are not here for that. You are here to get the answer to the question How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?

Now, it is very difficult to answer that questions and there are a few reasons for that. One of them is your system. Because the speed of your laptop mostly depends on its specs.

The better specs and features your laptop has, the faster it will be and would perform tasks more efficiently. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take some steps to improve your Laptop’s performance.

Can upgrading the hardware on my Windows 10 laptop help make it faster?

Yes, upgrading the hardware on your Windows 10 laptop, such as adding more RAM or upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD), can help improve its performance and speed.

Are there any third-party tools that can help me make my Windows 10 laptop faster?

Yes, there are many third-party tools available that can help you optimize and speed up your Windows 10 laptop, such as CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare, and AVG TuneUp.

How do I optimize startup items on my Windows 10 laptop?

You can disable unnecessary startup programs by going to Task Manager > Startup, selecting the program you want to disable, and clicking the Disable button.

The steps and tips mentioned below are recommended by Microsoft themself, so you know they work we have also tested them out and are glad to inform you that they do make a difference. So, let’s get started.

Latest Version of the OS:

How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?
Windows Updated

Microsoft gives you regular updates of their Window 10. And it is a must to have the latest update or version of your Windows.

Some updates carry the interface updates and other are just for the background. Both of these are important, especially the latter one as it resolves any bugs or error in your System.

Now, to update your Laptop or PC or to check if you have the latest version running on your device, you have to go to settings, click on Updates & Security, and select the Windows Update Section from the Sidebar.

An option will be shown by the name Check for Updates. Click on that button and the computer will automatically search for new updates if there are any. It will ask you to restart your PC in order for that update to be installed on the system.

One important thing to keep in your mind is to make sure that your system is connected to a fast internet provider and that it is running.

Unnecessary Startup Programs:

How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?
On/Off Toggles

When you install new programs on your system, some might have startup at system turn On active by default. These programs will start booting whenever you turn on your PC and would slow your System down, as the system would be performing multiple tasks at one time.

And you might say that computers are made for that. But the thing is that if your Laptop is not that good in specs, then it won’t be able to perform well when multiple programs are launched at the startup. And also these automatic startups of the programs are unnecessary.

So, to turn off these startup programs, go to settings, then open the Apps option, and then go to the Startup option.

Here you will find all of the apps and programs that launch whenever you turn your system On and will also give you the option to turn this Off. All you have to do is find that program and click on the On/Off toggle button.

System Restart:

How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?
System Restart Option

If you have been using your Laptop for some time and it mostly stays On, then it might start to lag a bit or perform the tasks very slowly.

So, a better solution to improve your computer’s performance would be to restart your system. This will allow your computer to close unnecessary opened apps.

Also, another way would be only to open those apps that you currently need. This would allow your system to focus on those apps that are currently being used and would give you its peak performance.


How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster?

Another very important and very common reason for your system’s low performance can be viruses and malware. A virus can be very harmful and can really affect your laptop’s or computer’s performance.

A very dangerous thing about viruses and malware is that you don’t know if there are any in your system. But, thankfully there are solutions to this problem.

Windows do have its own virus protection feature preinstalled with the windows, and they do protect you to some extinct.

But there are some viruses that can pass the barrier of Windows Virus protection feature. So, the best solution is to get an anti-virus.

Anti-virus programs, that keep your System secure from every virus and remove any virus that might exist in the PC. Another good thing about anti-virus is that they are getting updated after some time.

There are many antivirus software that you can get. They also have free as well as paid versions. I would recommend you get a paid version, as the free versions give you virus protection, but are not the best. Paid versions would prevent any viruses to 100%.

So, these were some of the tips that would answer How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster? I hope that these solutions would allow you to solve the problem you have been facing with your system. Many people search on google that How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster? so I think I should write a blog post on this topic.

If you want more tips then I guess you can check this out. And If there are other solutions that you know of, then please let them know in the comment section. We would really appreciate that. Thanks for reading our How To Make Windows 10 Laptop Faster? article.


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