(Amazing Comparison) Google Play Store VS Amazon App Store (2022)

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App stores have great importance in the life of smartphones. They have a variety of apps and games that can be downloaded on smartphones. From food, and ordering to ride-booking they have all types of apps that play a very important role in our life. Many people search on google Google Play Store VS Amazon App Store because they want to know which app store they should use.

Most android users don’t realize where to get apps. Which app store is best? Google play store is very popular in this scenario. Other app stores are now becoming famous in the last few years.  Here in this article, we will discuss the google play store vs amazon app store. Which app store is best for you?

What is Amazon App Store?


On all amazon fire devices amazon app store is available. It provides the same service as just like the google play store. It has many android apps for devices. Amazon app store does not need the google framework to be installed.

It is part of all fire devices like kindle fire and fire Sticks. Amazon app store is not only for all fire devices, it can be used on other android devices also and provides the google play store alternative.  Amazon app store was launched in the march, 22 2011. The most famous apps category in the Amazon app store is gaming, education, and utility apps.

In 2021, the store offers approximately one million gaming apps. At that time amazon app store had 3.74 million, not gaming apps available. As of June 2017, approximately 180 billion apps were downloaded from the amazon app store.

Devices Compatible:

  • Kindle fire
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle fire HD x
  • Fire tablets
  • Andriod devices
  • All Windows 11 devices
  • It is also compatible with some blackberry devices


  • Amazon app store has a better discount scheme
  • It also allows html5 apps
  • It also has an uncomplicated ASO
  • It has more chances of monetization
  • Filtered content


  • Amazon app store has uncompromisable policies.
  • Minimal users
  • It is tablet specific
  • Fewer downloads
  • It has limited outreach


Google Playstore:


I think that the google play store does not need any type of introduction. It is the service of google to all android operating systems, allowing users to download their favorite apps on their smartphones. Google play store also offers movies, books, dramas, magazines, etc. Google play store was launched on October 22, 2008.

All the apps on the google play store are not free. Some apps on the google play store are paid. It means that you will be paid if you want to download these paid apps.

Here are some best advantages that contribute to the fact that why google play store is a better place for all developers and also users.

  • With fair pricing, all developers can host their apps on it
  • Google play store is very cheaper than the apple store
  • It is a safe place to trade
  • You can find the most trustworthy apps in the people section that is available in the store
  • In the google play store, you can keep your children away from explicit content
  • It is a safe place for payments
  • It does not contain any crack or virus related apps

Devices Compatible:

It is compatible with all android devices.


  • Uncomplicated app publication
  • It has many users
  • It is on top in revenue as compared to all stores
  • It has maximum downloads


  • It has complex ASO
  • Not allowed apps from any outside source
  • Limited options
  • Irrelevant suggestions
  • Offshoot apps

Number Of Apps Downloaded From Google Playstore  (2016-2021)

Year Apps downloads
2016 55 billion
2017 67 billion
2018 75.7 billion
2019 84.8 billion
2020 108.5 billion
2021 111.3 billion


Google Play Store vs Amazon App Store:

Google play store and amazon app store almost provide the same service and also both stores are developed for the same operating system. The biggest difference between these two stores is that the google play store has more number of apps than the amazon app store.

Both apps do not allow pornography and gambling type of content. Microsoft prefers the amazon app store instead of the Google apps store. In the Amazon app store, the policy is very strict for reviewing apps. The app will be available on the amazon app store only if it passes the review process.

If the app contains any inappropriate or useless content, they will not publish your app on the Amazon app store. But many useless apps are available on the google play store. Google removes apps from its store from time to time due to malicious apps passing through its radar. If you look at security, the amazon app store is perfect for making payments, etc then the google play store.

The other major difference is how the content is displayed on the screen when the user searches any query in the search bar.  Applications in the Amazon app store accompany more catchphrases, recordings, and application screen captures. These components add to better App Store Optimization(ASO), with an ever-increasing number of individuals finding the ideal applications. This prompts better deals and consumer loyalty.

Is Amazon App Store the Same As Google Playstore?

The purpose of both app stores is the same. Both apps have their own features. Developers use both stores to publish their applications. Google play store is more developer-friendly than the amazon app store.

Although if you look at the quality then the amazon app store is the best than the google play store. Now amazon app store is a competitor of the google play store and people are now comparing both app stores and searching on google the Google Play Store VS Amazon App Store.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Michael Seto remove the amazon app store from the google play store after Amazon let slip that the application includes its own “stowed away” application store. In my opinion, both stores are well. You can use both stores the main factor is that perform the best ASO practices no matter which store you use.

Google Playstore Amazon App Store
More number of apps Fewer number apps
Contain useless apps Does not contain useless apps
More developer-friendly Less developer-friendly
Earning more revenue Earning Less revenue
Launched in 2008 Launched in 2011


Final Words: (Google Play Store VS Amazon App Store )

If you are a developer then both app stores are well for you. In my opinion, I think the google play store is the best than the amazon app store. Which app store do you like the most let me tell you now in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful for you then please share this article with your friends and family members also. So this is all about google play store vs amazon app store.


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