Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!

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Google IO 2022 happened a few hours ago and Google had some pretty big announcements in it. They discussed everything from AI to Online Security and more.

They announced some of their products and features, but keep in mind that these products will be released as the year goes by.

In spite of that, these announcements have made the tech geeks and fans go crazy. We will inform you about the main points and give you an overview of the event.

Details on each will be shared later on as the features and products are released. We will start with the biggest announcements and then go on to the rather smaller ones. This article is all about Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!

Pixel 7: (Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!)

Google has given a sneak peek at their Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Although the Phones will be released later on. But the company has given you some information regarding their upcoming models.

The models would be built on Tenser’s next-gen chip, The design of the models will be different from their previous phones and the body will be made out of recycled Aluminium, which is a good step for our environment.

We expect the cameras of the phones to be about three. The price of the models will be announced with their launch.

Pixel Buds Pro:

As I have mentioned that Pixel 7 will be launched later, but you know what will be launched soon, Google’s Pixel buds pro. The buds will consist of active noise cancellation, Bluetooth multipoint, Custom Audio chips, and Waterproofing.

The product will be available from 28th July, and the price point will be $199. If you want more details on this product, then you can visit our next article, in which we will inform you about everything.

Pixel 6a: (Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!)

Google has also informed the audience about another one of its upcoming products, the Google Pixel 6a. But why? Why did they choose to go with this move?

Well, there are some news or rumors saying that there were going to be some leaks about these two products and Google decided to leak them, themselves.

Anyways, This is their mid-tier product coming at the price of $449 and will include features like a 12 MP camera, powered by Google Tensor, and 24 hours of battery timing. other than that, the phone will be in Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal colors.

Google Pixel Watch:

On the IO, Google has finally confirmed their upcoming Pixel Watch. We don’t know that many features about the watch, but we do know that the watch will come alongside Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, with features like New Wear OS Experience, Health, and Fitness by Fitbit, and various Google apps like Google Maps, Assistant, etc. More details on the product might be shared by Google in a few weeks.

Android 13?

As Android 12 was publically released in October 2021, Google is going to continue with almost the same features this year and which might be good.

The Android 12 release had some issues and needed some improvements. And it’s better for them to fix the small problems and improve features. But if you want to try out Android 13, then the beta 2 version has been released and you can check it out.

AR Glasses:

Now, everybody has waited for AR glasses for years now. And Google ended this year’s IO, with a masterstroke. By showing off their AR Glasses, which had some mad JUJU stuff.

Translating real-time translation of languages was the feature that they showed off. Now keep in mind that this might not be a future product that people could buy, But with this move, you do get the idea that Google is working on everything from multiple fields, and if they come forward with this product, then it could give some tuff time to the companies who are already working on it.

Artificial Intelligence: (Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!)

Now, One of Google’s main features is its Google Assistant, which is one of the best in the market. And it is all due to their AI.

But Google is thinking of even improving that with LamDA 2, which is basically an AI that will eventually calculate millions of topics and present natural conversations. And to do this they have created AI Test Kitchen, which has basically three demos;

  • Imagine
  • Talk about it
  • List it.

We will dive deep into it later, as more developments and announcements have been made by Google. But we know something for sure it is going to be a heck of a journey, at least on paper.

User safety and Immersive View:

Google informed the users about the steps they are taking to protect them from scammers and keep their information hidden.

They described how they have added Two-step verification, Sign-in with Google, and Pass-keys, and have expanded fishing protection so that you can stay online safely.

Added a Virtual card, which is a new feature used for storing your bank card information. They have also described how they are going to add a new feature by the name of “Immersive View”, which will navigate you throughout your journey by using arrows, with the help of their AI-based system known as Global Localization.

Other Features: (Google IO 2022: Everything you need to know!)

Now, They are also going to add features like Look and Talk. This feature will let you use Google Assistant without saying the traditional words “Hey Google”.

Instead of saying that you can directly look at your device and give commands and the assistant will follow your commands.

Features like Automated Summarization, which will basically summarize a whole document on Google Docs and give you an overall summary, which can save a lot of your time, if you are in a hurry.

They are also going to add 16 Auto-Translate(CC) languages to Youtube. They have added 24 new languages to Google Translate.

We have informed you about the main topics and announcements shared on Google IO 2022 by the Company. These were just a piece of brief information.

We will tell you about every single thing in detail as soon as they have been announced or a feature/product has been launched. So, stay safe and keep your eyes and ears open for new articles by Tech Gadget Press.


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