Getresponse vs Sendinblue Comparison

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Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. Email marketing tools help you to engage with your customers more deeply.

With personal messages and exclusive offers, you can keep them interested in your products and services. Email marketing can help you to increase sales by building relationships with your customers.

By sharing valuable information about your products and services, you can convince them to buy. In this article, this article is all about GetResponse vs. Sendinblue. So after reading this article you can choose which one is right for you.

What are GetResponse and Sendinblue?

GetResponse and Sendinblue are both cloud-based email marketing platforms that provide tools and services for creating and managing email campaigns, newsletters, and automated workflows.

How do the pricing plans compare between GetResponse and Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is generally more affordable, with plans starting at $25/month for up to 10,000 contacts. GetResponse starts at $15/month for up to 1,000 contacts, but its more advanced features can quickly increase the price for larger contact lists.

Can I use Getresponse and Sendinblue platforms for SMS marketing?

Yes, both platforms offer SMS marketing features, but Sendinblue is generally considered to have more robust SMS capabilities, with the ability to send transactional SMS messages in addition to marketing messages.

Which one lets you build landing pages professionally?


One of the greatest successes for advertisers utilizing GetResponse is their seamless landing pages. Not only does it come with a Landing Page Creator so you can easily build professional landing pages from scratch, yet it likewise accompanies a library of 100+ instant layouts.

And whether you pick a layout or a custom landing page, the features are something similar: you can add components utilizing the drag-and-drop editor, add in custom code, and even you can edit images without leaving the editor.

Create an account on Getresponse

The landing page creator also permits you to:

  • structure your landing pages utilizing sections,
  • add content blocks for pictures, video, text, and buttons,
  • add static and pop-up forms,
  • add webinar enrollment forms,
  • add a sense of urgency with countdown timers,
  • gather payments because of their PayPal integration,
  • add social sharing symbols,
  • add custom-code components using HTML, CSS, or Javascript,
  • preview your landing page to see what it looks like on a desktop or a cell phone.

Because GetResponse’s landing pages work with logical devices like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you will have more command over what search engines see and give you a better opportunity of ranking in search results.

The landing pages additionally fit into the GetResponse jigsaw puzzle. They work with each and every component of the marketing suite, so they can completely integrate with webinars or product launches to grow your list and get more individuals in your sales funnels.


You can easily create landing pages utilizing Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop landing page builder.

Like GetResponse, it accompanies pre-built templates and an editor you can utilize to create landing pages from scratch. You should simply add the components you need to your advertising workflow from the menu on the left-hand side:


While you can in any case launch landing pages with Sendinblue, you won’t have an approach to features like webinars and conversion funnels to give you a better opportunity of turning visitors into clients.

Where you can perform A/B tests?


Knowing whether your efforts are effective is a fundamental element of sales and advertising, which is the reason you want to test and evaluate — utilizing A/B testing.

With GetResponse’s A/B testing feature, you can try out different components of email headlines, online courses, and landing pages to see what’s working — and what’s not.

However, what makes GetResponse an extraordinary tool for testing is that you can test even the littlest variables that can have a major effect on your conversion numbers. You can A/B test elements like:

  • Colors
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Forms
  • Navigation elements
  • Pictures
  • Titles/content
  • Format

Assuming you track down that certain color palettes or call-to-action buttons work better than others, you can then switch around different pieces of your advertising system to boost conversions.


Sendinblue likewise has an A/B testing feature that you can utilize inside workflows and email sequences to try out variables.

You can try individual parts of your marketing work processes like email templates and workflow combinations to check which ones are the best.


The significant difference between the two platforms is how specific you can get in your testing. While GetResponse permits you to test smaller variables like colors, navigational settings, and even CTAs — Sendinblue only permits you to test work process ways.

What about their advertising automation capabilities?


GetResponse’s suite of promoting automation tools has everything you want to build effective marketing campaigns.

The main marketing dashboard has two options you can utilize to get started. The “quick actions” menu gets you up and running with pre-built layouts and triggers so you can easily launch professional email marketing campaigns without any problem.

Furthermore, assuming that you need more control or need customization, the main menu gives you admittance to GetResponse’s full suite of growth and communication tools.

Also, GetResponse’s advertising automation workflows map out scenarios to assist you to nurture potential customers and increase sales/conversions.

So whether your email campaigns are mainly focused on abandoned cart sequences, transactional emails, or newsletter follow-ups, GetResponse can consequently send emails for you using any triggers and rules you set.

For instance, in the event that a client leaves their cart on your site or sales page, GetResponse will take over and automatically send them an unwanted cart email to encourage them to finish their purchase:

In the event that you want to make your own work process or modify a pre-constructed layout, you should simply utilize the drag-and-drop editor to make custom automation in view of your necessities.


In the event that you need to set up marketing automation for newsletter signups or abandoned carts, Sendinblue takes care of you also. Like GetResponse, the tool has also a builder you can utilize to create and customize automation workflows:

You can also take benefit of pre-built workflow templates so you don’t need to go through hours starting from scratch.


The greatest difference is that Sendinblue doesn’t offer as many workflow layouts as GetResponse, so to utilize formats, your choices are restricted.

Which platform offers conversion funnels?


With the help of GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel tool, you can make a visual funnel and map out conversions in an editable format.

The tool permits you to create conversion funnels for:

  • Landing Pages
  • Stores
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Social Ads creator
  • Sales pages
  • Payment processors
  • Follow-up/abandoned cart emails

To begin, just pick a layout from the conversion funnel library and fill in each section utilizing an additional layout or from scratch. You can easily build all types of conversion funnels utilizing this tool, from landing page conversions to email sequences and online courses.

It tracks each move a contact makes from the second they land in the channel.

In the event that they click, open an email, or attend a webinar — you’ll be familiar with it. This way, you can track your marketing performance, change parts of your conversion funnels that aren’t working, and enhance those that are.

A decade ago, you would have required an entire tech stack to track and enhance marketing efforts like this. But now, you can do it on one platform utilizing GetResponse.


Sendinblue doesn’t have a component to conversion funnel channels at the present time.

Where can you easily host webinars?


They are proud of this one — they are the first major email service provider on the market that is offering a complete webinar solution.

Their tool makes it simple to create and launch webinars by giving you admittance to:

  • Design tools and interactive whiteboards
  • Screen sharing/interactive chat room
  • Recording (so you can remarket on the webinar once it’s over)
  • Q&A session
  • Moderated chat
  • Multiple hosts

You can also decide to host the webinar live or create an on-demand webinar to use in future campaigns.


Sendinblue offers no specific webinar tools in their marketing suite.

With so many email marketing tools to pick from, picking the right one is a difficult decision.

That’s why make this comparison together. Look at each platform’s specific features so you can be sure that whatever tool you choose addresses your particular requirements.

Take as much time as necessary while you’re comparing tools and, above all, pick the apparatus that will assist your business with arriving at its advertising objectives.