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Hi, guys if you are searching on google for free internet apps then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you how you can get free internet for your mobile on daily basis. Just download these apps and with these apps, you can get internet MBs free of cost on daily basis. So read this article completely:


With the help of this app, you can earn data online. This is a very famous app. When you will install this app on your mobile phone. Gigato will list a number of apps that you can use to earn data online. The process is very simple.

You just need to use a certain amount of data on a particular app and in return, this app will give you data in a large amount.

For example, if you spend 15 MB of internet on a particular app this app will give you 20 MB. So, in this case, you earn 5Mb of internet. So use this app to earn free data online.

Earn Talktime:

     Just like gigato earn talktime will also giver you internet mbs when you will install and use certain apps. The main difference is that earn talktime rewards you with talktime, while gigato app will reward you data.

 You can utilize the talktime you have earned to buy data. When you will install this app you will need to check new offers. The number of offers are limited per day so there is a limit that how much you can earn per day.

Play tunes:

  With the help of this app named paytunes you dont need to complete tasks to earn rewards. All you need to do is just allow this app to set your ringtone to an ad. After this you will receive points for the calls that you will get.

 The payout for this app is not high, but if you will receive a lot of calls during the day, you will be able to utilize the accumulated points to buy data.

My Ads:

In this app, you need to watch ads, and you can earn Talktime by watching ads. You can also give answers to the related questions. You don’t need to download or utilize any other apps or carry out specific jobs to earn rewards.

This app will pay you eight rupees to watch an ad or answer a related question. So the reward is better as compared to other apps.

Jazz World:

The jazz world is a very popular app on the play store with 10 million downloads. In this app, you can get 25 to 200 MBs per day. You need to just download this app and get free MBS on daily basis.

When you first install this app and when you will register in this app by using your phone number you will get 500 MBs free of cost.

Download this app and get free internet MBS on daily basis. You don’t need to perform any task in this app. No work is required. Just open this app and claim some internet MBS on daily basis.

What are the top 5 free internet apps?

The top 5 free internet apps other than those mentioned above are Google Chrome, Gmail, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Spotify. These apps will allow you to communicate with others, through text, audio, and video calls, let you search the internet, and will allow you to listen to music, whenever you want, wherever you want.

How can I protect my privacy on internet apps?

To protect your privacy on internet apps, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, review and adjust your app permissions, and avoid sharing sensitive information online.

What are some popular free internet apps for streaming movies and TV shows?

Some popular free internet apps for streaming movies and TV shows include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Crackle. However, some of these apps may require a subscription or have limited free content.

So these are the top 5 free internet apps that you can use. If you found this article helpful for you then please share this article with others. Thanks for reading this article.


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