Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere for Beginners

Final cut pro vs Adobe Premiere for beginners! Did you write this on the search bar? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This question is arduous to answer. Because both of these software are great and have head-to-head competition. The developers who are constantly working on their software want to be in the top position. But it isn’t that easy. Fixing bugs, adding new features, and enhancing software take a lot of time and hard work. And they are doing just that. And as they are doing that, it has become more difficult for the user/customers to pick one that is the best for their usage. So, we will explain everything to you. Their pros and cons, side by side, so you can decide for yourself.

Final cut pro vs Adobe Premiere for beginners:

Before we continue, let’s take it all the back to 2003, when premiere pro was launched. It was launched as a video editing software for professionals. And companies like CNN and BBC started using it in their early years after its launch. Then came 2011 when the Final cut pro was initially released. It really changed the overall competition in the editing industry. As Apple didn’t allow Premiere pro to be used on Mac, it got limited to just windows and other smaller operating systems. On the other hand, final cut pro got a lot of users as it was the only editing software used on Mac. Since then the companies are competing with each other.

Complexity: (Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere for Beginners)

Complexity-wise, Premiere pro is difficult for a complete beginner to use. As It was mainly focused on professionals, it is easily used by professionals. Professionals can navigate this software without facing any problems to its full extent. On the other hand, Final cut pro has a really simple interface and all the complex features are initially hidden which makes it really easy for beginners to jump on and start right away. Now, It is possible that you are considering Premiere pro as it is for professionals, but we are talking about editing software for beginners who don’t have any previous experience. And for that reason, I will give this point to the final cut pro.


This category is not the same as the previous one. Cause Premiere Pro is compatible with every other operating system other than Mac. While Final Cut Pro can only be used on Mac. Adobe premiere needs at least 8 GB of RAM to work properly, while beginners can use Final cut Pro on only 4 GB of RAM ( Although if you want to edit 4k or higher quality video then 8 GB is recommended). It’s clear that Final cut pro gets the point again.

Plans(Pricing): (Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere for Beginners

The plans for both of the software are pretty good. Adobe gives you three plans for their premiere pro. If you want to pay monthly then can get the monthly plan for $31.49/month, you can get the annual plan paid monthly for $20/month, or get the annual prepaid plan for $239.88/year. All of these plans include:

  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • an Adobe Portfolio
  • Photoshop Express
  • Adobe Express with premiere Rush
  • Adobe font
  • and the Latest updates the moment they are released.

Now that’s a whole package. Now, you can get Final cut pro for an annual price of $299.99. This point definitely goes to Adobe Premiere pro. I mean what is this!

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Convenience with multiple devices:

Now, this feature is mainly an Apple feature, but a feature is a feature. When you get Final Cut Pro for your Macbook, then you can also download it on your other devices and can share the files quickly through airdrops. But you can’t do any of this with Premiere pro. At first, you might think that this feature is not very important, but after a while, you do recognize the need for this feature. It is effective and saves a lot of your time. This point is to Final cut pro. And by so far they are winning the race.


If we talk about the updates of both of the software then, we can clearly give a point to adobe premiere pro. As Adobe gives updates more frequently than Final Cut Pro. And It most definitely doesn’t mean that Final Cut Pro is not up-to-date.

3D editing:

The work of dropping/creating images and objects on the surface is called 3D editing. Now, Final cut pro does not support 3D editing. But Premiere Pro does give you the option of 3D editing. Technically you can give the point to Premiere pro. But we aren’t talking about editing software for professionals. If you consider this feature for beginners then they aren’t going to use it at all.


Now, this two software are not completely different from each other. They have some similarities as well. Some of the common features are:

  • Both support an unlimited number of video tracks.
  • Both support 360 VR content.
  • Nearly every media type is supported by these two software’s.
  • If you want to edit the content on a touch screen device then both of this software support that.
  • Now, 4k content has also become very popular. All of the new devices support 4k videos. And the companies thought about it. So, they added 4kXAVC-S format.

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  1. i think that final cut pro is best then adobe premiere because final cut pro is easy to install on any system….

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