DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022

This is the full DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022. Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. or as we all know it DJI is undoubtedly the best drone manufacturing company in the world. It was founded 16 years ago, in 2006 by Frank Wang. The company is so popular that as of 2020, it holds accounts for about 70% of the world’s drone market, which is absolutely mad. They say that ” Creativity is at the heart of every dream”. And they are just proving that with their products. These drones are not only being used by video professionals, individuals, and production companies, but also by the police forces and militaries.

Their products range all the way from $300 to $15000. This also makes them an option for beginners who are just starting to learn and use drones, and for professionals who want to use them to the highest extent.

DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022:

DJI has announced their Mini 3 pro, which will be released at the start of August 2022. It is one of their lightweight drones and might be one of the best, most compact ones. It has a lot of new features and some previous features improved. I think that it is one of the best drones out there, especially for beginners.

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This drone has a weight of 249g, which makes it a lot easier to handle and carry. Even if you compare it with other drones by DJI. For reference, DJI Mavic Pro is 734g, Mavic 2 Pro is 907g, and Mavic Air 2 is 570g in weight. This weight makes it very lightweight. Especially if you are always on the go, the folding design gives you an advantage over the other drones. So, you can easily carry it everywhere.

Video Quality:

If we talk about video quality, DJI provides you with 4k HDR video quality in 30fps. Or you can record in 4k up to 60fps. If you want to be a little bit more dramatic then you can record content in 1080p/120fps slow-motion videos. You have the option to zoom 2x in 4k or 4x in 1080p.

Battery Life: (DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022)

If you have used the previous DJI mini 2, then you might know that it had 31 mins of flight time, But the company has increased that with mini 3 pros to 34 mins. If this is still not enough for you then you can get the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, which will give you a total of 47mins of flight time. So you can record more stunning videos in a single flight, without worrying about the battery time.

Tri-Directional Obstacle Sensing:

Now, Obstacle sensing is something that has become a very popular feature in the past few years. The public and users want their drone cameras to be smart and determine if there is an object in their way. Not only that but after sensing the object making its way around the object. Now, DJI is claiming that this is their safest mini drone to date. That’s a very big statement to make. And they might not be wrong about this. As this drone has three dual-vision sensors, one at the front, one at the back, and one below it, which enhances its sensing ability and provides more safety while in the air. And combined with their Advanced Pilot Assistance System, the obstacle sensing feature becomes more effective.

Night Mode:

Night Mode is another very important feature, that has been highly demanded by the customers. As there are a lot of situations where a drone needs more light to shoot quality videos. And it has been very difficult to change this in the past. But now thanks to its new 1/1.3-inch sensor and f/1.7 aperture allow more light and photons to be collected and hence, allows the drone to record better quality videos at low light.

D-Cinelike Color: (DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022)

Previously, DJI created D-Cinelike Color for their high-end and professional drones, which was a very unique color profile, which captures a very broad range of colors and gives the best results. Now they have added this feature to their latest drone camera. Now, this feature will allow you to capture more unique colors and will provide you with flexibility while editing.


If we talk about controllers, the company has introduced a new RC controller that has a 5.5-inch, 700 nits built-in display. Now, this is enough for HDR as some of the movies and shows use around 500 to 600 nits. If you want to can still get the phone compatible controller. But if you want this RC controller then you’ll have to pay an extra $340. I mean the new controller is a lot lighter and cheaper than the previous controller. It’s all up to you, how you want to use your controller.

Other Features: (DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022)

DJI provides you with some other features like reimagined gimbal which provides a wider rotation range, Panoroma, and taking Raw photos. Some other features are:

  • Master shots: This feature helps beginners in capturing an amazing aerial shot.
  • Focus tracks: As the name suggests, it gives you a way to follow your subject.
  • Hyperlapse: By using this feature, you are able to shoot a hyper-lapse or time-lapse e.g. moving clouds, blooming flower, or sunrise.
  • Digital zoom: This feature allows you to zoom on your subject up to 4x, without disturbing the shot.
  • Quick share: If you want to quickly transfer and share your video, then this feature will allow you to do just that, as the drone support 30 Mbps of Wifi-download speed.

Price: (DJI mini 3 drone review in Pakistan 2022)

After discussing the features, now let’s talk about its price. DJI is providing you with three plans. The first plan is for $759, which includes the DJI RC-N1. The second plan is for $909. This plan gives you a new RC, which includes a DJI fly app, with a 5.5-inch built-in display. And the third and last plan is for $669. This does not include a controller.

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