Difference Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Business Account

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With 1.5 Billion users WhatsApp is the world’s biggest messenger app. Whatsapp provides all those features that are required to stay in touch with people. Many companies in the world use Whatsapp for chatting with their customers due to its advanced features. This encourages Whatsapp to create a separate app for companies. . For small businesses use, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business in January 2018. Both apps are different from each other in their operational capabilities. In this article, I will explain to you what is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account? So stay with me and read this article completely.


First of all, we will tell you the similarities between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business apps. Many things are common in both apps. Both apps have a simple and same interface. Both apps can be connected with only one phone number. Both apps are completely free to use and both are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Difference Between Whatsapp And Whatsapp Business Account:


WhatsApp businesses are specially designed for small companies. It has those features which help small companies and local companies to get a business presence on WhatsApp and connect with their customers on their favorite messenger app. Whatsapp businesses have advanced features compared to standard apps. Here is the list of extra features and the difference between Whatsapp and WhatsApp business account.

Logo Of Both Apps:

The logo of both apps is different from each other. If you check the logo of WhatsApp then it is a phone receiver inside a text bubble. But if you see the logo of WhatsApp business it is featuring a capital letter B. So both apps have different logos.

WhatsApp Business Account Notification:

If you will write to or receive the first message to/from your customer, a notification “This chat is with a WhatsApp business account. Tap for more info” will pop in the chat. But in standard WhatsApp, this feature is not available.

Profile Features:

Whatsapp and WhatsApp business apps have different profile features. In standard WhatsApp only you can add your profile pic, name, and description. But WhatsApp business app has advanced profile features, such as:

  • Cover photo
  • Area of work
  • Location
  • Description
  • Website link
  • Working hours
  • Product catalog

It is very important to fill your all of these fields in the WhatsApp business profile because the first impression is the last impression and the user will see your whole profile.

Whatsapp Product Catalog:

You can very easily create an online storefront of your business in the Whatsapp product catalog. You can add full detail of your products like pic, name, description, price, and a code. All customers can get a quick overview of your product and can discuss it further with you in the chat about the product. But on Normal WhatsApp, this feature is not available.

Messaging Automation Feature:

Whatsapp business comes with message automation, which can save your time and help you to communicate with your customers. Whatsapp business has three messaging  automation:

  • Whatsapp away messages automatically respond to people if they send messages to you at a time that you marked as unavailable.
  • Greeting message. The name states to greet your customers When they start a conversation with you.
  • Quick reply. You can create templates that you can use in chat. These are common phrases that you can access and send by entering the symbol in the chat.

But these messaging automation features are not available in standard WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Business Statistics:

It is a very useful tool in Whatsapp business that helps you to get a quick look at the effectiveness of your WhatsApp business account. This tool gives you the following advanced chat overviews:

  • Messages delivered
  • Messages sent
  • Messages received
  • Messages read

But you can not get statistics on local WhatsApp. Now check this table which will completely describe the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account.

Whatsapp Whatsapp Business
Launched in 2009 Launched in 2018
It is intended for personal use It is intended for business use
Autoresponder option not available The autoresponder option is available
It does not provide chat labels It provides different chat labels
Features a personal profile Features a business profile
Contacts are retrieved from your phone Contacts are retrieved from your phone but can be labeled.
It is ideal for personal use It is ideal for local or small businesses

What Is Whatsapp Business API?

Whatsapp business API allows business owners to respond to their customers on the platform for free for up to 24 hours. For each message, a fixed amount fee will be charged. The Whatsapp business app is the most advanced business app.

What Is The Difference Between Whatsapp Business App And Whatsapp Business API?

In short, the Whatsapp business app is designed for local and small businesses and WhatsApp business API is designed for larger brands and companies.  Whatsapp business app Is a free mobile app, you can easily download the WhatsApp business app on your smartphone and you can use it free of cost without paying a single penny. But WhatsApp business API is not free.  You have to pay money if you want to use it.

Two Major Cons Of Whatsapp Business:


  • In the WhatsApp business, many features like autoresponder, statistics, product catalog, and so on are very useful for small business owners but this app is not suitable for larger brands.
  • In the WhatsApp business, a unique phone number is necessary for using the WhatsApp business. It is not transferrable. It means your coworkers can not get access to the dominant account unless they have physical access to your smartphone.


So This was a detailed difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account. I also explain a little bit about WhatsApp business API. If you need a detailed article on Whatsapp business API then let me know in the comments section below. After reading this article I hope that you got an answer what is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account?

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