Top 5 Cheap But Good Gaming Keyboards

You want the cheap but good gaming keyboards. And you have looked everywhere for one. But couldn’t find the right one. So, you just decided to play on a normal keyboard. But not anymore. Today we have the best, smoothly working, cool-looking, responsive, and budget-friendly keyboards for gaming, Which you are going to love. Read this article completely because the keyboard which we will tell you about at the end of this article will amaze you. We will discuss the top 5 cheap but good gaming keyboards.

Ducky One 2 mini: (Cheap but good gaming keyboards)

Ducky brand’s keyboards are known as highly customizable keyboards. They give you a lot of options to choose from, especially their color combinations are really good and you can select the one that goes well with your setup. This is their One 2 mini, which is a very popular keyboard among the gaming community, even Ninja uses the RGB version of this keyboard. So, this must be special right.

Well, this keyboard has a very compact size and style, which gives it an advantage over other keyboards as it takes a very small portion of your gaming desk. It has well-built quality. Has a Zodiac spacebar and customizable keycaps. The material used for this keyboard is hard plastic, which makes it pretty sturdy.

Now, variety wise there are some limited/exclusive editions that you can get right now which are:

  • HyperX x Ducky one 2 mini
  • Ducky x SOU. SOU  one 2 mini
  • One 2 mini Blackout
  • One 2 mini Frozen Llama RGB

Other than that you can also get the more general ones like:

  • One 2 mini White
  • One 2 Mini RGB
  • One 2 mini Horizon
  • One 2 mini Good in Blue
  • One 2 mini Skyline.

You get all of this in just $99 right now. Which makes it a pretty good overall package. I think that if your budget is around $100, then you should really go for it.

Corsair K55 Pro: (Cheap but good gaming keyboards)

Another great keyboard, but this time it’s by Corsair. Corsair is an American computer company, specializing in hardware and is one of the biggest manufacturers of such products. The reason why this company is here is that in the keyboard section they are making mostly gaming keyboards. So, it makes them a professional in this field.

This is their K55 RGB PRO. One of these keyboards was used by one of the GameRadar+ hardware team members. It has everything a gaming keyboard needs. RGB which is well light, good built-quality. The RGB is a five-zone dynamic backlight and powers the gameplay through six dedicated macro keys.

A disadvantage it has compared to Ducky One 2 mini is that the one 2 mini has mechanical switches. While the K55 Pro has rubber, which makes it less like a type-writer. And if you are some like me then you love the clicky sound of a type-writer and want your keyboard to have the same.

Other than that great keyboard for gaming. Right now the price of this keyboard is $49.99. But, if you want you can pay in four interest-free payments of $12.49 through Klarna. And by the way, this offer is only available on the official site of Corsair.

Keychron K2 V2:(Cheap but good gaming keyboards)

Now you want a wireless keyboard but when you look up their prices then you decide just to stick with a wire one. But, wait! Keychron knew that and they introduced their Keychron K2 Version 2, which is a wireless gaming keyboard coming at a price of $69.

Other than being wireless and being at such a low price, it has a lot of other advantages. Like:

  • It connects with your PC seamlessly and without giving you any headaches.
  • It has a very good built quality.
  • It has Gateron mechanical switches.
  • You also get the option for a wire Type-C connection.
  • You can connect it with up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • It has 15 plus types of RGB lights.
  • Also has an inclined bottom frame.
  • You can connect it with Mac, Windows, and Android. Also has Mac layout media keys.
  • You can use it for 240 hours while the backlights are off, with one charge.

Now, there are multiple versions for you to choose from:

  • White Backlights (Version B).
  • White Backlights.
  • RGB Backlights.
  • RGB Blacklight Aluminium Frame.

You can also choose from multiple switch options:

  • Gateron G Pro Red
  • Gateron G Pro Blue
  • Gateron G Pro Brown
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Velocifire TKL02:(Cheap but good gaming keyboards)

I think that this might be one of the cheapest keyboards out there. It is by Velocifire. I think it is one of the most compact keyboards there. It’s just the overall size, shape, and edges, which give it a solid matt look. It doesn’t have that many cool features like RGB Lightning, but it does have the feature of white light. And I think this feature also makes it good use in the office. Where the RGB would be over the top. As this keyboard was mainly intended for gamers, copywriters, and programmers if you are one of these then you should definitely check it out. Especially if you want a budget-friendly keyboard.

Good built-quality has 87 keys and Brown switches. It has double-shot keycaps which are made from ABS. It is Light-weighted, comes in black color and the cable length is 150 cm.

One of the special features that it has in this price range is that it has Anti-ghosting keys, which make sure that every single one of your commands is executed.

If you go to the official site of Velocifire right now, then you can get this product for a price between $35.99 to $41.98. Which is a great price for such a keyboard.

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Honorable Mentions:

There are some budget-friendly keyboards that didn’t make the list, so here are some honorable mentions:

  1. Roccat Magma membrane Keyboard
  2.  Razer Cynosa V2 ( very special)
  3. Havit 104 Blue
  4. HyperX Alloy Core RGB.
  5. Keychron K6
  6. SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

All of these keyboards are budget-friendly and you should check them out as well. And I think every person looks for a different thing on a keyboard. So, you can choose from any of these keyboards, without worrying about the price and getting almost the same feature as a $600 keyboard or a $400 keyboard. I am sure that these products won’t let you down. So these are the top 5 cheap but good gaming keyboards that you can buy and these keyboards will enhance your gaming experience.

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