Cheap and good true wireless earbuds

Cheap and good true wireless earbuds, are something that you want, but couldn’t find them. If you are a music admirer like me, then you might have come across the situation when you like a product but couldn’t afford to buy it. Then you have earbuds which are very cheap but are substandard. But now I am going to tell you about some products that will make you think, who needs expensive headphones. For all of these products we have created some categories and you can choose a product according to your specific requirements.

The categories are Sound Quality, battery life, Finishing, Comfortable-level, and grip. Some of the products given below will be reviewed as on-hand. So, let’s not waste any other time.

List of Cheap and good true wireless earbuds:

Oppo enco buds W11:

Our first product is from Oppo, a consumer electronics company from china. The product’s name is Oppo enco buds W11. These buds are oppo’s budget product but are packed with features, that will truly shock you with its features. First, and foremost it comes with a battery capacity of 40 mAH for buds and 400 mAh for the case. Which gives it an overall charging of 20h. It has Bluetooth 5.0 audio, which is very good for a product of such price. You have easy control over your music with its intelligent touch, through which you can give commands such as play/pause, change tracks, answer/decline calls, Assistant voice and adjust the volume.

All of these features are really good, but I think the best feature is that it has ip55 dust and water resistance. It is very rare to have a product with such features at such a price. The sound quality of W11 is also satisfactory due to its 8mm dynamic drivers paired with titanium plated composite diaphragms. It also has ACC audio format supported which lets you enjoy every single detail of the music. The buds are designed in a way that they can cancel most of the noise around you while listening to calls. And you can call these buds the best cheap noise-isolating earbuds.

Overall, I think this is a good package as I have used these buds myself and am pretty satisfied with them. You can get this product for between $15-$25, from multiple online stores.

Baseus WM01 Encok:

Baseus was founded in 2011 and is a consumer electronic brand under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology. They have earbuds ranging from $20 to $95. And I am here with their cheapest $20 Wm01 encok earbuds. Let me tell you in advance that we have used this product for months now and will inform you about all of the details of the product. This product comes with a unique design that looks very nice and is very comfortable and sturdy. Also, if you want your buds to be in a different color then don’t worry, baseus has got you covered as these buds come in various colors.

The features include Bluetooth V.5, 25 hours of battery time with the case, Touch control, and voice assistance. It has PU composite membrane, which gives a really high and quality sound. If this is not enough for you then the company is providing 6 monthly warranty ( the warranty will be applied if you buy the product through the company’s website).

BOAT Airdopes 441 pro: (Cheap and good true wireless earbuds)

Cheap and good true wireless earbuds

In this lineup, our next product is by BOAT. An Indian-based brand that started in 2015 as a consumer electronic brand, selling headphones, earphones, and travel chargers. Boat airdrops 441 pros are one of their many budget earbuds. Which are truly remarkable if you ask me. Why? well, the airdrops have 150h of battery time, which is humongous in this range. IPX7 sweat and water resistance which means that you can submerge these airdrops in water up to one meter for 30 minutes.

In the list of Cheap and good true wireless earbuds, due to the sturdy and comfortable design, perfect fit, and sweat resistance. These dopes have IWP which makes them really easy for you to connect to your phone. It supports Type-C charging cable, through which it can charge in one hour.

Now if we talk about the price, you can get these dopes for $38. And it is truly shocking what you can buy at this price point. If you are still not satisfied with this product then the company is providing a 1-year warranty, 7 days of easy replacement, and free shipping on top of all that.

Mi true wireless earbuds bagadgetssic 2 (Airdots 2):

In this world of technology, You must’ve heard of Xiaomi or Redmi. I mean they are everywhere with their products. If somehow you don’t know about them then let me inform you that Xiaomi is a consumer electronics from China. The company has become very popular in the field of electronics, especially phones and accessories. Airdots 2 is their cheapest product in the earbuds lineup. These buds come at a price of $21 which is relatively cheap compared to other buds on the market. This wireless earbud is recommended by me in our list of Cheap and good true wireless earbuds.

Feature-wise Xiaomi has added some pretty well. The buds have Bluetooth 5.0, which gives it faster speed and a range of 10 meters ( accessible open space). You get about 4h of continuous listening time. The bud itself has 43mAh of battery capacity, while the case battery capacity is 300mAh. Xiaomi has also claimed that these earbuds have been their hot selling item in some countries. Other than that, these buds have a fine matt finish, which helps in providing a solid grip.

If you want to buy Airdots 2 with a Warranty, then you can go to their website and get 10 days eco warranty.

Redmi Buds 3 lite:

Our last but not the least product is again by Xiaomi. As I have said before that they have multiple products in almost every field. In fact, Xiaomi is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones, after Samsung. This is another of their budget buds. Buds lite 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which gives it stability for seamless in-call. These are super easy to pair with your phone. Another perk is that these are light-weighted and comfy, which makes them lighter on the ear.

Superior sound quality, IP54 Dust and water resistance, and especially up to 18 hours of battery capacity give it a special spot on our list. It also provides a feature of noise cancellation. For gaming fans, Xiaomi has added a feature of low-latency mode, which really adds up to the overall gaming experience. Other than that you get touch control and get to choose from two colors.

Now, you must be wondering about the price of Redmi buds 3 lite. Well, they have thought about the average person and brought the price all the way down to $22. I wonder how much profit margin they make after putting their product at such a low price.

Well, there you have it. So these are some best Cheap and good true wireless earbuds that you can buy even if you are an android user. . I don’t think that there are any other products that are this good and this cheap. We hope that this article helps you in making the right choice and enjoying the music to the full. If you are interested in more tech gadgets, tech news, and almost everything that is related to tech so remember this site.

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