Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce

Hi, guys if you are searching on google for Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce then you are at the right place. Okay, your business has been doing well locally. It is generating a fair profit. But you want more. You want to take your business international. You want everyone from the other corner of the earth to have access to your business.

It can be a product/s or a service/s. And one of the ways to showcase your business is by going online and making a website.

A website where everyone can see your product, find out the details, and the price, and get more knowledge of you and your business. That’s the website you want.

But there are a lot of hurdles for you to achieve that. You need a domain name, a hosting service, a person who can develop your website, and an individual to design your website, enter your products or services on that site, and more.

But let me tell you this probably one of the most important steps in this whole process is choosing the right hosting service. And off the topic, if you need any of the above services needed for yourself then our parent company does all of them. You can find a link to them down in the footer.

Hosting services:

There are many hosting service providers, some of them are more of a broader range, and some of them are focused on one specific thing.

Like InMotion is best for security reasons, while GoDaddy Hosting is known for its best to support services. If you want an overall hosting service then BlueHost might be the one for you.

These 3 are the Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce. The 2 hosting services are:

  • DreamHost
  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost


In our list of Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce Dreamhost is the first number. DreamHost hosting providing service is best for big businesses. Why? Well, because of their unlimited traffic feature, which they provide on their every single plan. This is great for big well-known businesses, that have or will have great traffic amount on their website.

Also, one of the most important reasons for choosing this hosting service is because it has great performance and makes sure that your website does the same.

Also, there are some other perks of choosing DreamHost. It has free daily backups and unlimited email on every single of its plans. It gives you a free domain name for the first year.

It has some fair plans. It has three plans for Woocommerce Hosting. It starts with DreamPress, which is the cheapest of them all and is focused on new sites.

It supports about 100K Monthly visits Then there is DreamPress Plus, which handles about 300k monthly visitors. And lastly, we have DreamPress Pro, which gives you high performance and can support 1M plus monthly visitors.

Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce


Now, you must be wondering that I have already told you about DreamHost which is excellent for high traffic, so why do we need SiteGround? Well, SiteGround Hosting focuses on startups.

Like, Their plans give you the option of free shopping carts and Eshop transfer, which is probably a must for e-commerce. Their servers are also optimized for e-commerce. They have almost a 100% uptime guarantee.

This hosting service has fair support and security service. It also gives you a free SSL Certificate. Another feature is spam Protection, which as the name suggests protects your email from spam.

Its monitoring system keeps scanning for any issues and errors after a second and resolves them that instant. It also has a free CDN and Backup.

Now, let’s compare its plans. It has three WordPress Hosting Plans. Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The startup plan is the cheapest of them all and currently costs about $3.99.

It can support only one website and has 10 GB of Web Space. It can support about 10000 monthly visitors. Next up we have the best seller, GrowBig which currently costs $6.69 per month and has up to 20 GB of Web Space.

It supports unlimited websites and can handle around 100,000 monthly visitors. The last plan is called GoGeek and costs $10.69/month. It also has unlimited websites. It has 40 GB of Web Space and can manage about 400,000 visits monthly.

There are some other features that all of the plans have in common. Like:

  • Unmetered Traffic.
  • Free WP Installation and migrator.
  • WordPress Autoupdates.
  • Free SSL and daily backup.
  • Free CDN and email.
  • Enhanced Security and Enabled E-commerce.
  • And many more.
Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce


Okay, so DreamHost is for big businesses, and SiteGround is for startups, so why am I telling you about BlueHost? Well, there are people who don’t know which one they want for their online business.

Maybe they like a few features from DreamHost and some others from SiteGround. That’s why I am telling you about BlueHost.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting is probably one of the best overall WordPress Hosting providers. It is so good that it is even recommended by WordPress.

They have a great support system, which resolves your problems very quickly. It also has almost 100% uptime. It also gives free SSL certification and SSH.

It has a one-click WordPress Installation feature, so you don’t need a developer to do that. It also supports Woocommenrce plugins. But, sadly it doesn’t support Magento. Its hosting plans are also great as there are more plans which cover a wide range of customers.

It has many plans for normal WordPress websites and also Shared Hosting. But it has 2 plans which are specifically for online stores.

One of the plans is Online Store and Online Store + MarketPlace. Online Store Plan is basically for Selling your products and services only on Google. While the Online Store + Marketplace is best for selling on google as well as Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. Due to its awesome features, I include this in our list of Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce.

Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce
Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce

So, I hope this article has helped you in your online journey and has allowed you to find the right hosting service for your online store. If you want to contribute anything then do so in the comments section. So these are the Best WordPress Hosting For Ecommerce. If you found this article helpful for you then please share this article with others. Thanks for reading this article.

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