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If you are searching on google for Best Game For Android Offline then you are at the right place. Android Gaming is one of the most popular forms of gaming and is proliferating. Many consoles and PC game developers are now developing a version of their games for android now.

As android phones are becoming more and more powerful, phone manufacturers are making phones specifically for gaming. More games are being developed for android users.

Now, there are mainly 2 types of gaming. One is Online gaming and the other is offline gaming. Online gaming primarily refers to playing games while connected to an internet connection.

You cannot play an online game while your phone is disconnected from the internet. On the other hand, Offline gaming is the type of gaming that can be played whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you are Online or Offline.

There are a lot of games in both categories. And there are also some games that are both online and offline. And I know you are wondering how.

Well, some of the games have multiple modes and maps in them. If you are connected to the internet then you play some modes and maps, and when you are not connected to the internet then you can only play in offline mode.

This means that you won’t be able to play multiplayer with your friends and can only play those maps that are downloaded for offline mode.

But, this article is only about Best Game For Android Offline. Maybe we will discuss online games in another article. Now let’s start with our game.

Are there any free offline games for Android?

Yes, there are many free offline games for Android. Some popular ones include Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, and Jetpack Joyride.

How do I download Android games for offline play?

To download Android games for offline play, you can search for the game on the Google Play Store and click the download button. Once the game is downloaded, you can play it offline.

How much storage do I need for Android games?

The amount of storage required for Android games varies depending on the game. Some games are relatively small and only require a few hundred megabytes of storage, while others can take up several gigabytes of storage space.

Best Game For Android Offline:

Into The Dead is the Best Game For Android Offline.

Into The Dead:

Into The Dead is a two-part game by the developer company PikPok. The first one is Into The Dead 1 and the second one is Into The Dead 2. In this article, we will discuss Into The dead 1. This is a zombie-theme game in which your protagonist has survived a zombie apocalypse.

Now, you have to run for your life and dodge every zombie in doing that. There will be no second chances. Your one and only enemy in this game are the zombies.

Once you have been caught by a zombie, then the game is over and you have started over. Some of the details of these games are following.

Best Game For Android Offline


In both of these games, there are four total maps.

  • Classic
  • Massacre
  • Hardcore
  • Flashlight.

First, you get to play in just the Classic Mode. In this mode, you have to run and then make your record by traveling the furthest you can. And then you or your friends can beat that record.

You also get weapons on the run in small package crates. And before starting this mode you can also equip some perks for in-game coins. Some of the perks are a head start, more ammo, and a companion.

Then after you have progressed in the game and your levels have been increased, then you get to move to the next level which is Massacre.

Now, unlike the previous map, the record set in this map is by the number of kills. The more zombies you have killed, the highest your record will be. The perks in this mode are the same as the Classic mode.

Next up we get to Hardcore and the as the name suggests this map is. This map is somewhat similar to the Classic map. Although, you can only choose three weapons at the start of the game.

And then only those three weapons will appear in that round. Most of the perks for this map are the same as the previous one, but you do get one new perk which is Armed start.

And last but not least is the FlashLight Map. Now, this map is very different from the rest of the maps. Instead of a weapon you only get a torch with full battery life, but as you progress in the round the battery becomes less charged.

But you can replenish the light when it turns off. Other than the flashlight, the map also contains thunderstorms, which is another source of light on this map. There are many different perks in this map like battery boost, more lightning, more brightness of the battery, etc.

Also, the locations in this game are fields, forests, and corn fields. The locations change when you have covered some fair distance.


Best Game For Android Offline
Some of the Guns From The Game

Now, In this game, there are many weapons options, from which you get to choose. With a pistol, you can either get a single pistol or double pistol or as in the game called Cartel Twins.

Then there is the option of a shotgun, which by the way is my favorite choice of weapon in the game. The next option to choose from is two chainsaws, one is a normal chainsaw and the other is X4 Concrete Cutter.

Now, in revolvers there are also two options one is the simple one and the other is TZR 44 Revolver. There are many other weapons which are as follows:

  • Rifle
  • Submachine gun
  • Grenade
  • Assault rifle
  • MFD-4 Assault riffle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Minigun

Each of these guns has its own range, rate of fire, and capacity. You don’t get these weapons at the start of the game, but as the game progresses and completes the challenges, the weapons start to unlock.


Dogs are the main companions and part of this game. You can equip them with the perks. And when equipped they will follow you for some time and would kill some of the zombies. Some of the companions are Prince, Blitz, Cairo, Titan, Ghost, and Harley. Also, there is a Stand & Deliver weapon pack exclusive dog called Goliath.

Into The Dead is a great game and currently has over 50M+ Downloads from Google Play Store. It has 4.7 stars rating from 1.76M reviews.

This game also gets updates from the developers. So if this sounds fun to you then you can download it from Play Store. And this was the Best Game For Android Offline.

I hope that this article was worth your time and you enjoyed reading it and learned something new. For more tech news and tech-related articles, please revisit our website.


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