5 Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

If you are searching on google about the best free iphone photo editing apps for selfies, then you are at the right place. With the rise of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, selfies have become essential to many people’s social media presence.

            To take your selfies to the next level, the best free iphone photo editing apps for selfies are available that you can use to make yourself look better than ever before, including face-enhancing filters and brightening options, and more. Here are five of the best free iPhone photo editing apps for selfies that will make your selfies next level:

List Of 5 Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies:

Here is a list of the top five best free iphone photo editing apps for selfies. Download these apps and make your photos perfect:

  • Facetune 2
  • Photoshop Express
  • Afterlight
  • Filterstorm Neue
  • Focus

FaceTune 2:

Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

In our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies facetune 2 is on number one. The iphone Facetune 2 is a phenomenal photo-editing app that can take your selfies next level. This app has many functions, but in terms of editing selfies, it’s straightforward to use and makes your face look flawless.

      This is a professional tool to smooth out your skin, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, add colour to your eyes and much more. People tend to love their pictures more when they’re edited.

Reasons Why Face Tune is Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies:

Here is some reasons that make the fact tune 2 the best photo editing app:

Over 100 different effects:

 The best part of this app is that it has over 100 different effects, all customizable. The most impressive and outstanding effects are its assortment of background removal tools and teeth whitening features. You can seamlessly remove unwanted items or whiten your teeth with a few taps.

Super Easy Interface: 

 Even if you’ve never used any photo editing software or app before, you’ll find this easy to use, with an interface that only has a few tabs. The icons and buttons are large enough to see easily. Furthermore, there aren’t many of them to look over, so it doesn’t take perpetually for new clients to sort out what does what.

Get Professional Looking Results:

 This excellent app provides a collection of professional-grade photo editing tools that give you flawless, outstanding results. This photo editing app is quick and easy to use, so your editing process is streamlined.

                           You don’t have to waste time on manual touch-ups or tedious Photoshop actions that have been done a million times over. Getting professional-looking results should be as simple as possible.

Can Be Used As A Beauty App: 

This photo editing app has a bunch of cool beauty-focused features, like instant teeth whitening, skin smoothing, blur effects and wrinkle removal. With just one click, You can also add colour to your photos. If you’re not in front of a mirror when taking selfies, it will be beneficial!

Free Updates For Life:

 Besides getting free updates forever, any unique element of Facetune 2 (not free) additionally be made accessible to you free of charge when it’s prepared. Due to its extra ordinary features this is on the top in our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.

Photoshop Express:

Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo-editing apps that make editing your photos a breeze. This app comes with some great filters, such as Vivid and Noir, that can take any photo to a whole new level. Photoshop Express also allows you to manually adjust exposure, saturation, tint, and contrast in just seconds.

Features of photoshop express:

Check the best features of the photoshop express photo editing app. Due to its awesome features, I include it in our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.

Free To Use:

  Yes, it’s free to use—no need to pay any money to enjoy its features. If you know someone who is searching for photo editing software and they aren’t ready to shell out $300 or more for Photoshop or a comparable product, suggest that they download and install Photoshop Express right away. It will definitely come in handy at some point!


                                    When it comes to taking pictures on your smartphone, you’re not likely to find many people who don’t think that it’s a good idea. Yet there are still plenty of people who don’t take as many photos as they should.

The truth is that phones today have enough power to shoot high-quality images and videos. These smartphone devices also provide a way for users to share their favourite images with others around them through different social media platforms.


Photographers use photo-editing software or apps to modify, fix or enhance photos after they’ve been taken. Whether you shoot a wedding or portraits regularly, improving your post-production skills will make your photos or pictures look better. Photoshop Express makes it easy for anyone to get started with basic photo editing tasks.

Shares, Filters And Touch Up Tools:

The main features of this app are shapes, filters, touch-up tools, and layers. These features combined allow you to create a wide variety of images in a simple and intuitive way.

Collage Maker:

Did you know that Adobe’s new photography app, Photoshop Express, has many cool features that aren’t necessarily in other apps? Editing modes, Crop tool adjustments, histograms and so on these all features available in this excellent app. Many people consider that this is Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.


Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

With the Afterlight photo editing app, you can easily improve your pictures to make them look better than ever before. With just a few taps on your mobile phone, you can add filters, adjust lighting and contrast, remove red-eye, and so much more!

Reasons Why After Light Is Best Photo Editing App?

Here are five reasons why after light is the best photo editing app:

The Filters:

After light photo editing app is best because it has a lot of filters, when you first open up Afterlight, you’ll see 11 tabs across your screen: General, Analog, Artistic, Brush Strokes, Film Lab, Frames & Borders (currently in beta), Instant Filter (currently in beta), Nature Lab, Noir Lab, Textures (current stable only) and Vignette.

The Collages:

With so many options to choose from, creating a professional-looking college in just a few clicks is one of Afterlight’s best features. The app lets you take up to 9 images and turn them into an engaging piece of art that anyone would be proud to share with friends and family on social media.

The Text Feature:

One of my favourite features in Afterlight is text. To use it, you first choose your text and then a font. You can also adjust things like kerning and opacity which come in handy when you want to play around with different looks. Due to its text feature I include after light app in our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.

The Cool Fonts:

Take advantage of one of Afterlight’s most stand-out features: Fonts. This excellent app comes with more than 50 fonts to choose from, and you can add even more fonts from your device if you want. Just go to Settings > Fonts, select a font and type some text in to preview it before using it in your project. The coolest part? You can rotate each font in a way that suits you!

The Frames And Borders:

If you’re new to using frames and borders, it can seem overwhelming, but they’re actually a lot of fun. Borders can help your photos look more professional, while frames give your photos more context and appeal. Try them out and experiment with different types! By adding a border or frame to an image, you open up so many design possibilities! You can download this app in just $2.99 from appstore. Due to its cheap price this is Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.

Filterstorm Neue:

Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

In the industry of photography, there are various software applications and programs to help process your photos before you upload them or share them with others. However, one program that might not be as well known in the photography world is Filterstorm Neue, which has many features that make it stand out from other photo editing software solutions.

5 Reasons to Use Filterstorm Neue for Your Photography:

Here are the top five reasons why you should use filter storm neue photo editing app:

Manage multiple presets and layers:

In order to be able to organize and manage all of your presets and layers, you can use preset folders and layer folders. Each folder may contain one or more presets or layers. You can add an item into a folder by clicking on it in your Presets panel or Layers panel, then choosing Add to Folder from the contextual menu. You can then choose which folder you want to add it into from a drop-down list.

Add Fun Filters:

Everyone loves filters! They can add fun and creativity to a bland image or take an exceptional photo and make it extraordinary. What makes Filterstorm so impressive is that it gives you endless possibilities when you’re choosing from one of its many presets. Want your pictures to have a warm, vintage feel? You can do that. Need something more professional, like black-and-white photography? No problem!

Use Layers To Build Your Edits:

Whether you’re editing your own photos or working on a client project, layers make it easy to adjust every aspect of your image without having to start over from scratch. They also allow you to build complexity into your edits and create truly unique compositions that can only be achieved with digital tools. Adding layers to your workflow can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your photography. This feature tends me to add this app to our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.

Great Brushes:

You can also download additional photo brushes that give you a whole host of new effects to apply with just a couple of taps. Some brushes even have color selection options, which means you can really fine-tune your photos. Of course, these are great for adding some extra creativity to your shots, but they’re also great if you want to create some faux aging in an image, similar to what you might do in Photoshop.

Powerful Curves:

Curves are an advanced color correction tool that allows you to dramatically alter your image. By adjusting a single slider, you can drastically shift colors without needing any knowledge of color theory or memorizing multiple values. To create fantastic results, just tweak curves and let them do their magic. You’ll be blown away by how much power they really have.


Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies

In our list of Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies, focos is last.Focos photo editing software has quickly become one of the most popular and effective options on the market, as it allows users to create and perfect their photos faster than ever before. Here are five of its amazing features that will ensure you never go back to your old software again!

Features Of Focus Photo Editing Software:

Here are some cool features of focus photo editing software:

Create Animated GIFs:

Animated GIFs are a fun and easy way to get creative with your content, whether you’re sharing visual ideas for a presentation or showing off your latest set of vacation photos. To create animated GIFs in Windows 10 Creators Update, open up Photos and go to any photo album. Select multiple photos (you can hold Ctrl while selecting). On the top left, there is an option called Create Animated GIF, then click on it. That’s it!

Stylize Still Images:

Anyone who has played around with photo editing software knows that stylizing still images can be a chore. Even with advanced editing software, you may struggle to apply certain filters and effects. Well, those days are gone—with FocusFocus, applying filters and effects is a breeze! The Stylize tool allows you to add beautiful animations like vignettes or sunrises to your photos in seconds. You’ll find results that rival Adobe Photoshop’s at one-tenth of the price!

Add Lens Flares and Light Leaks:

Many photographers use images from movies and television shows to add that certain something to their photos. Light leaks and lens flares are popular ways of adding a little visual pizzazz because they offer an unexpected element in pictures.

             This effect is particularly impressive when editing video footage and images with filters as well. Lens flares are easily available when using digital cameras, but light leaks are not so common. Luckily, with photo editing software, you can replicate these visual effects without a lot of hassle.

Create Striking Black & White Photos:

Striking Black & White Photos have always fascinated people, which is why photography has grown exponentially. And while many photo editing software options are available on the market, not all FocusFocus on enhancing Black & White images to give them an amazing look. With FocusFocus, you can create some astonishing B&W photos in no time.

Edit Videos with Video Effects:

With video effects, you can take a mundane video and elevate it to cinematic greatness. The best part is that adding video effects is quick and easy with Focos’ intuitive interface. It has 100k+ downloads which means that this is Best Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Selfies.


So these are the top five best free iPhone photo editing apps for selfies. Which app do you like the most let me tell you now in the comments section below? If you found this article helpful for you, then please share this article with your friends and family members also. I hope you got your answer on the best free iPhone photo editing apps for selfies. Thanks for reading.

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