5 Awesome Apps Like WhatsApp Without Phone Numbers.

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If someone asks you which is the world’s biggest social messenger app? I am 100 percent sure you will say WhatsApp. With a very clean and user-friendly interface, anyone can use WhatsApp. If you can not write messages then you can use your own voice to send messages. I saw many people in my life that can not write text messages so they use WhatsApp voice messages for sending their thoughts. But WhatsApp also has many drawbacks. So it is very important to move on to Apps Like WhatsApp Without Phone Number.

The main drawback of WhatsApp is that you can not connect with people without showing your phone number. If you want to connect with people then your phone number will reveal. Without revealing your phone number you can not message anyone.

Many people want to connect with people without revealing their personal phone numbers but WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with this feature. So due to this main drawback, I will tell you five apps like WhatsApp without phone number.

You can use these apps for chatting without showing your phone number. So read this article completely because after reading this article you will never search again on google about apps like Whatsapp without phone number.

Apps Like Whatsapp Without Phone Number:

So here is a list of 5 Awesome Apps Like WhatsApp Without Phone Number.



In this case, our first application on this list is skype. Skype is the oldest video chatting app. With the help of skype, you can chat with people individually or you can also create your own group in this awesome app. Skype also supports basic voice calls.

Under your profile, your skype name will be available that you can use for chatting. The interface of the skype app is very user-friendly. In skype you can use gifs, stickers, and different emojis during conversations. You can also share your photos, videos, files, location, etc with the help of this useful help. Scheduling and creating polls options are also available on skype. There are two types of apps one is lite and the other is the main app.

The Lite version of skype does have not advanced features that can be accessible in the main skype app. Skype is available on the web, android, iPhone, and Mac. You can try the skype app if you like this app so you can use this app but if you not like you can easily delete your skype account.



In our list second in telegram messaging app. When you will install this app on your phone then they will ask you for registration. You can register in this app by providing your mobile number, just like Whatsapp. Your contacts that are saved on your mobile phone can see you through your mobile number.

You need to create a public username if you want to chat with strangers without showing them your personal number. In settings, you can create your own username easily. You can send them your username or username URL. In the last option case, the telegram will open automatically with your visit string. In the former case, the user will need to use telegram search to look for your username.

Telegram Is a very secure app. You can create your own telegram channel and you can add 200000 members to your telegram channel. You can also send large files in GB using a telegram. They also added support for video calls as well. You can use telegram web on a desktop just like WhatsApp web.



In our list discord is in the third number. You can use discord without providing your mobile number. You don’t need to provide your personal data to register in it or to use it. You need to create a profile in the app and add people with their ids.

No personal phone number is required at all. Discord upholds private as well as coordinated text and voice channels. Discord app can run on android, mac, Linux, and the web.

You can easily send text messages, photos, videos, files, voices, etc using discord. You can also create or join a server in the discord app. The interface of the discord app is modern and beautiful. Auto encrypts and other data feature is also available in the discord app.

This app is specially designed for gamers, this does not affect your computer CPU and makes your gaming performance smooth. Discord has 150 million active users monthly and It was launched in May 2015.



In our list messanger is in the fourth number. In this app, you can connect with your friends that are on Instagram and Facebook by searching. This is very easy to do because Instagram and Facebook are interconnected with each other and the developer of both companies are the same.

You can use the messenger app for collaborations. It is very easy to send text messages, photos, videos, and other data. You can also send money to your friends and family members by adding your Paypal or debit card and this is 100 percent secure. Messenger was launched in August 2011. 1.3 billion people in the whole world use Messenger for chatting on monthly basis.

Messenger also supports audio or video calls. You can easily use messenger on your mobile phone and also on your laptop or pc. Instead of using any other mobile application, you can use messenger to send your location. I personally like messenger, which app do you like for messaging let me tell you now in the comments sections below.



In our list the last number is Kik. Similar to other social messaging apps you can start conversations individually and also in groups. Public groups make the Kik more exciting. You can share pics, videos, gifs, etc in the Kik app. The kik drawback is that you can not use Kik on the web. This app is only for android and ios. Kik was launched on October 19, 2010. 300 million people use Kik in the whole world.

So these are five apps like WhatsApp without phone number that you can use for messaging. If you found this article helpful for you so please share this useful article with your friends and family members also. Thanks for reading this article.


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