5 (Awesome) Apps Like After Effects For iPhone

If you are finding for apps like after effects for iPhone then you are at the right place. If you’re looking to create high-quality videos with some impressive visuals, then it may be time to consider using After Effects for iPhone.

This powerful video editing app makes it easy to add special effects, transitions, and animations to your movies and other videos, allowing you to create professional productions without having to spend thousands of dollars on complicated equipment and software.

There are quite a few apps like after effects for iPhone available on the iPhone app store, but the ones below are worth checking out if you want to learn more about how this video editing app can help take your smartphone videos to the next level.

List Of Apps Like After Effects For iPhone:

Here is a list of five apps like after effects for iPhone.

apps like after effects for iPhone

  • pro video editor
  • adobe premiere clip
  • filmic pro
  • luma fusion
  • iMovie

Pro Video Editor:

In our list of apps like after effects for iPhone  pro video editor is on the first number. This app is a video editor that allows you to easily capture, import, and edit videos. You can then publish them directly to Facebook and YouTube or save them to your camera roll.

It also has tools for creating stop motion and time-lapse videos. If you need something like Adobe’s popular After Effects software on your phone, Pro Video Editor is an excellent choice.

The app comes with a set of basic editing tools, but if you want more features there are in-app purchases available.

The Five Features of Pro Video Editor That Make It Worth the Price:

Here are some features of the pro video editor that make it worth the price.

  • Split editing
  • Audio tracks
  • Easy markers
  • Transitions
  • Adding music

Split editing:

This feature is one of my favorites because it saves me a lot of time. The process is simple and lets you view your footage from two angles side by side so you can compare them, cut out parts that aren’t working, or copy/paste to combine your clips with ease. Split Editing in Pro Video Editor makes editing much easier for novices!

Audio Tracks:

With audio tracks, you can add background music or sound effects to make your video more interesting. You can also use multiple audio tracks at once if desired. With basic audio tracks, you have three options: Use one audio track throughout your entire video; Play a different track during each new scene in your video; Play a short clip before and after a certain portion of your video to highlight it.

Easy Markers:

Have you ever been working with a video, and thought to yourself wow, I wish I could mark down where exactly something happens in this video. If so, then you need Easy Markers! This feature allows you to easily drop in markers (starting from 1-second to 5-minutes) wherever you want! Simply press Cmd+E, type in what marker you want to add, and select your time!


Watching a good movie involves more than just sitting back and letting someone tell you a story. You want to be fully engaged in everything that happens on screen, and that’s something you can only achieve with good transitions between scenes.

Adding Music:

If you’re looking to add music to your video projects, but don’t have time to purchase new songs, check out some of these services. Using a music-licensing service can be convenient because it doesn’t require you to upload and store new files—instead, you simply choose your favorite song from a library that already exists on their website. Music licensing is also easy; all you need is your credit card and an account created with one of these services.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Premiere Clip is a lightweight video editor by Adobe that allows you to edit and share your footage. You can use Premiere Clip to add text, music, filters, effects, and more to your videos without leaving your mobile device.

apps like after effects for iPhone

By utilizing Creative Cloud’s cloud-based ecosystem service (also known as CC Libraries), users can import their existing Adobe Premiere Pro project files in order to continue working on their desktop PC.

First steps:

When you first launch Adobe Premiere Clip, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Adobe ID (if you don’t have one, create one now). Once signed in, you can open an existing project or start a new project. Start with a new project by tapping on Create New Project. From there, select whether you want to take a photo or record a video using your smartphone camera.


The program enables you to edit your videos to perfection with ease. The app allows you to delete unwanted portions of a video, add transitions between clips, zoom in on portions of videos, etc. It also has some cool editing tools like audio filters that help adjust volume levels on different sections of video. Due to its high quality editing features i include this in our list of apps like after effects for iPhone .

Premiere Clip does not come with a wide array of special effects or graphic design tools so it is mainly for simple cuts and edits, however, it makes up for it by being super easy to use!

Advanced editing:

Adobe’s new cloud app, Premiere Clip, is much more than basic editing software. It is able to upload directly from your camera to your phone so you can edit as you shoot on location. You also can easily transfer content from other devices by plugging them into your computer with a USB cable. There are fun effects that will make your photos stand out like animation, live filters, and quick edits right on your phone.

Filmic Pro:

This film app is awesome because it allows you to shoot in 24 fps as well as in 720p high definition, giving you control over exposure, gain, and more. If you’re looking for an alternative to After Effects, Filmic Pro is a great place to start.

5 Reasons Why Filmic Pro is the Best Video Camera App for iPhone:

Here are five reasons why filmic pro is on the list of apps like after effects for iPhone.

It can record raw audio:

When recording audio, it’s always a good idea to record raw files. The iOS devices are set up in such a way that you can record audio and video at once, but that can produce lower-quality audio recordings (which may be suitable if you’re just making short clips to share on social media). So if you want to create high-quality audio recordings using your iPhone camera, use an app like Filmic Pro and record raw files instead of using other functions of your phone.

You can control exposure:

On an app, you’re limited to auto-exposure. In addition to video modes such as time-lapse, Filmic Pro has a full-featured manual exposure mode that makes it possible to capture videos with precise control over brightness and contrast. It also allows you to control your ISO setting (like on a camera) and shutter speed.

Focus peaking:

Focus peaking highlights areas in your frame that are in focus, making it easier to see what’s sharp and what isn’t. This feature works great when you’re using manual focus on lenses that don’t have electronic contacts.

Shoot on your phone while listening to music:

A lot of videos are ruined by background noise, including music. With Filmic, you can listen to your tunes and not worry about them drowning out your audio when recording.

Ultra-smooth slow motion:

The ability to shoot slow-motion has long been exclusive to expensive professional cameras. But with your iPhone, you can use Filmic Pro’s custom shutter speed controls and shooting frame rates of up to 960 fps (iPhone 6) to capture smooth slow-motion footage at a fraction of DSLR camera prices.

What’s more, using an audio trigger or your headphone cable, you can easily capture cinematic timelapse videos too.


If you need to edit videos on your phone, Lumafusion is one of our favorite apps for doing so. You can access a lot of great filters, transitions, and animated text options in Lumafusion, making it easy to create professional-looking videos that you can share with friends or post online.

5 Amazing Features of Lumafusion You Didn’t Know Existed:

Here are the top five amazing features of luma fusion.

Stunningly Beautiful:

Bringing stunning images to life with breathtaking motion and effects is what keeps us excited about creating in Lumafusion. It’s our calling to provide you with a way to bring your pictures, videos, and stories to life through Cinemagraphs.

Easy to Use:

Creating animations is easy with Lumafusion because it uses simple keyframes and handles most of the math for you. Once you’ve recorded your animation, your characters will automatically be in sync!

Supports Multiple Languages:

One major pain point for teachers is that often, multiple students in a classroom do not speak English as their first language. With Lumafusion’s support for multiple languages, teachers can customize learning so that all students are given lessons in their native tongue.

apps like after effects for iPhone

This also reduces confusion amongst students who share a language but may be at different levels of fluency. Other applications don’t offer such support—making it easier to translate and customize your learning plan with Lumafusion than with other options.

Simple Interface:

The interface is easy to navigate and allows you to find a video or image in less than two clicks. All that hard work will come in handy when you’re searching for a specific category like animals or music videos, as well as when you want to browse through more general tags.

The whole site looks clean and modern, with plenty of white space between each video thumbnail. This makes it super easy to move around even if you’re on your mobile device! Due to its simple interface many people think that it is the best apps like after effects for iPhone .

Feature Rich:

Lumafusion offers a ton of features to make your videos stunning. From background removal and masking to a variety of text animations, you have all your essential video editing needs covered.


iMovie is a video-editing app that can help you create cool videos on your iPhone. It’s one of Apple’s most popular apps and rivals Adobe Premiere Pro.

While it does provide an impressive array of editing options, iMovie isn’t as powerful as its desktop-based counterparts—but it does give you an alternative way to edit on your phone if you don’t want to use a service like Vimeo or Final Cut Pro X.

5 reasons why you should be using iMovie:

Here are the top five reasons why imovie is best and why you should use it.

Multiple Video Tracks:

As you’re laying out your video, consider how you want to organize it in terms of sections. Are there certain segments that are more important than others? Organize your video with multiple video tracks to reflect these changes in importance.

First, make a track for video 1 and then create a new one for video 2. Do so again until all your sections are accounted for and in order of importance.

One-Step Editing:

One-Step Editing is a feature found in more advanced video editing software like iMovie, but can also be found in Windows Movie Maker. It streamlines your workflow and makes it possible to edit videos from start to finish, including adding music and titles, all within one program. As you become more comfortable with it, One-Step Editing will help save time and prevent stress-inducing mistakes. This feature tends me to include this in our list of apps like after effects for iPhone .

The Ken Burns Effect:

A highlight feature of Apple’s flagship video editing software is its ability to turn any video into stop-motion animation. This effect, called Ken Burns, gives users of iMovie and Final Cut Pro X incredible flexibility in editing projects.

Drag-and-Drop Audio Editing:

Until recently, anyone who wanted to edit audio had to rely on complicated software that was tedious and difficult to learn. But with Apple’s introduction of Drag-and-Drop Audio Editing in GarageBand ’11, it has never been easier to make professional-sounding edits right within your favorite app.

You can easily choose which areas of your audio track need some cleaning up, or decide which tracks will sound best together by clicking them and dragging them into place.

Adding Titles and Captions is Simple:

With its own video editing software, Apple has done a great job of making adding captions and titles incredibly simple and fast. Use iMovie on your iPad, iPhone or Mac and have subtitles for every language at hand in seconds.


So these are the top five apps like after effects for iPhone that you can use. If you found this article for you then please share this article with your friends also. I hope you got your answer on apps like after effects for iPhone. Thanks for watching.

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