Airpods Pro 2 Review

Apple has announced their latest Airpods, which are Airpods Pro 2 2nd-generation. This is a quick Airpods Pro 2 Review. The original Airpods Pro was already great at almost everything. And Apple even topped them by improving the already impressive features. And I am not the only one saying that.

same look, better everything else

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Already excellent earbuds, improved

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These AirPods were launched on the 23rd of September, priced at $249, the same as the AirPods from 2019.

Airpods Pro 2

Active Noise Cancellation:(Airpods Pro 2 Review)

The Active Noise Cancellation or ANC on the older Airpods Pro was already remarkable. But it has been made even better on these AirPods, as claimed by Apple. It is said that these AirPods are able to provide two times more active noise cancellation than their predecessor. They have added their new H2 chip, which among other things also helps in preventing noise combined with some updated computational algorithm.

Now, these AirPods provide you with three ANC modes:

  • Off
  • Transparency mode
  • and Noise cancellation.

Also, the ear tips of the Airpods pro 2 play a great role in Noise cancellation. If you use the perfect fit ear tips it creates a seal, so that no outer noise interests you while enjoying your favorite music.

Audio Quality:

As I have mentioned before that apple has added their new H2 chip, which also makes a great difference in the sound quality if you compare the two. Not only that, but these new AirPods also have a new low-distortion audio driver and a new custom amplifier, which makes sure that you get the best and enhanced audio quality.

Eartips: (Airpods Pro 2 Review)

Now, I would say that the most important role in keeping you comfortable, is by ear tips. If the ear tips are made out of some hard and rough material, then it would probably make you very uncomfortable and even give you some sort of rash. But apple uses silicon, which makes these AirPods perfect for long-term use.

Also, the ear tips help in keeping the noise cancellation feature performing its best. And I think that for that specific purpose apple has a new ear tips size:

  • Xtra small
  • Small
  • and Large.

keep in mind that apple has mentioned that the ear tips from the older AirPods are incompatible with the new AirPods Pro 2.


Now, if we talk about the physical pod controls, almost all of them are the same as the previous models. To play or pause a track, you can press the touch control on the stem of a pod, skip forward double-press the touch control, and skip back triple-press the touch control. A new feature would be volume control, which you can use by swiping your index finger up or down on the touch control, to increase or decrease volume precisely and respectively.

You can also use Siri with AirPods Pro 2, just press and hold the touch control and you can set it up on your Airpod.

Design: (Airpods Pro 2 Review)

The design is not that different from that of the older AirPods. In fact, you can barely tell a difference between the two if you place them side by side. And they have done this maybe because Airpods Pro are the most popular headphones apple sells and changing the design might change that.

Only the charging case design is changed. And I would say that is a good thing. The size and shape are almost the same. The new additions are MagSafe, a lanyard hole, and a sound grill. The speaker grill serves two main purposes. One it has a slightly larger sound and second, it gives a chime when it is charging.

Now, I would the best addition would be the MagSafe. Because there have been a lot of times when I put my AirPods Pro on a Wireless charging dock, and it wouldn’t just connect. And I had to place it perfectly for it to charge. But now with the MagSafe, it would attach with the dock and would save me a lot of hustle.


The Battery has also been improved. Now you can use AirPods Pro 2 for six hours of listening. With the case, you can get around thirty hours of listening time. keep in mind that these numbers are compatible with the volume kept at 50%, and Active Noise Cancellation Turned On. The battery timing isn’t that impressive, as there are a lot of other devices that provide you with a lot more battery time. I guess that you can work with the battery timing.

Overall, I would say that this is a solid device. And I know how you can have different opinions on the AirPods Pro 2. I have some friends who think that apple is just charging for some old features. And then there are those who love these and are going to buy them as soon as possible. I think the AirPods Pro 2 can be compared with other headphones from different companies. So, If you want to see that then let us know in the comment section. And this was the Airpods Pro 2 Review. Hope you enjoyed this.

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