Advantages Of Telegram Over WhatsApp (2022)

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WhatsApp and telegram both are social chatting apps. Both apps have their own advantages.  Whatsapp was launched in January 2009 and telegram was launched in 2013. Both apps have head-to-head competition with each other. So due to this reason, many people search on google for advantages of telegram over WhatsApp.

2 billion people use WhatsApp but telegram has only 550 million active users. Both apps are widely used in India. Whatsapp is a more secure app for sending videos, photos, and other personal data than a telegram. So due to this reason many people prefer WhatsApp instead of using telegram. In this article, I will explain the advantages of telegram over WhatsApp.

What is a telegram app?

Telegram is an instant messaging app that you can use on your phone, windows, Linux, and on mac. It is a cloud server-based app. You can download telegram free of cost on your mobile phone and on your pc. Just like WhatsApp it also provides end-to-end encrypted video and voice calls, file sharing, secret chats, and so on.

Unique features of telegram:

  • For message, storage telegram uses cloud servers which are cheaper and safer to use.
  • You can set the timer in the telegram after which the message will get disappeared automatically. This is very helpful if you are sharing some secret information with users for a short period of time.
  • Without using a cloud server it offers a secure conversation between two people. Messages will be stored on the memory of the device, not on a cloud server.
  • Telegram can not be sold or bought because it is a nonprofit project.

Advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp:

  • Telegram app provides unlimited cloud storage for storing messages, photos, videos, and other data
  • For telegram users, compress and uncompress options are available to transmit video and image files.
  • Telegram allows you to add 2 lac members to the group but WhatsApp allows only 256 members to add to a group.
  • If you want to chat with someone without showing your personal phone number then you can do it. You can create your username. In this way when you will chat with someone your personal phone number will not show only your username will show. But on Whatsapp, you can not chat with someone without sharing your phone number.
  • In the telegram, the secret chat option is available that allows two users to communicate securely.
  • With the help of telegram, users can send or receive any kind of file.
  • For advertising purposes, telegram does not use cookies. It only uses cookies to provide a better experience to its users.
WhatsApp telegram
Call from the homepage Any media type you can send easily
You can use WhatsApp on one smartphone or web platform Telegram can be accessed on multiple devices
No secret chats option is available End to end encrypted hidden chats option available
All messages can be timed to disappear Comprehensive secret chats with full control
100 MB for documents and 16 MB for media Any file up to 2GB in size
You can add 256 members to a group 2 lac members can join one telegram group
You can not hide your personal phone number for chatting You can use your username for chatting to someone without sharing your personal phone number

Drawbacks of telegram app:

There are also some drawbacks of using the telegram app which are given below:

  • You can not back up secret chats
  • In group chats, it does not provide security unlike a signal app
  • For only secret chats self-destructing feature is available
  • In telegram ads feature is not supported. It may be supported in the future.

Difference between telegram and WhatsApp:

Now check the detailed difference between Telegram and WhatsApp:

WhatsApp telegram
Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, Inc. Telegram is owned by telegram messenger LLP
Whatsapp was launched in 2009 Telegram was launched in 2013
Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Are its developers Telegram was developed by Pavel Durov
It does not have a built-in browser It is a built-in browser you can open links and websites while inside the app
Using Whatsapp we can do phone calls Using telegram we can not do phone calls
Anyone can send you a message on WhatsApp For sending messages in telegram you have to add or accept contacts before. In this way, no one can send you unwanted messages.
In WhatsApp, there is no option that images will disappear automatically when the person has seen them. In telegram this feature is available. You can send images that will disappear automatically when the person has seen them. This feature is very useful for telegram users.
Whataspp supports less langugaes Telegram supports more languages than WhatsApp
To log in to Whatsapp required a sim card For log in telegram does not require a sim card
Whatsapp has a low rating in the play store than telegram Telegram has more ratings on the play store than WhatsApp

WhatsApp and Telegram: which is good for business marketing?

The telegram app has many features to market your business.  I think that telegram is better for business marketing than WhatsApp. The main reason is that if you create a channel in telegram then you can add 2lac members and it’s a big number to reach your target audience with just a single telegram channel. But in the WhatsApp group, only 256 members are allowed. So it is not a big number. If you want to market your business then you need to create more Whatsapp groups which are harder. So this is a great option for all marketers to use telegram channels for business marketing. Business marketing and so on are the main advantages of telegram over WhatsApp.

General telegram statistics:

  • Telegram was founded in 2013
  • Telegram became the most downloaded app globally in January 2021
  • The channel named telegram tips has 7.5 million subscribers
  • Telegram is the world’s 11th most used social app
  • Telegram has 500 million-plus active monthly users
  • 38% of telegram users are from Asia
  • Telegram gained 25 million new users in 72 hours
  • 6% of telegram users have aged between 25 to 34yeats
  • Telegram is expected to reach 1billion users in 2022
  • In 2021 telegram implements the new monetization strategies
  • Telegram raises money from donations


so these are some advantages of telegram over WhatsApp. In my opinion, telegram is the best option than WhatsApp. What’s your opinion? Let me tell now in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful for you then please share this article with your friends and family members also. I hope you got your answer advantages of telegram over WhatsApp. Thanks for reading.


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